Writing Cover Letters : How to Write a Cover Letter

Uploaded by expertvillage on 20.10.2008

I often get asked if a cover letter is necessary when applying for a job. Well, it is, and
I'm going to tell you why. My name is Gloria Campbell, president of Advantage Training
Systems located in St. Petersburg, Florida. And the one thing I want you to remember is
that your cover letter is really the first thing that that potential employer is going
to see. It's going to give them a glimpse of who you are, what you've done, and why
you feel you are very, very qualified for that particular position. Always remember
to include some very basics, like your name. Can't tell you how many cover letters I get,
there's no name on there, there's no address on there. Today's date, employer information,
and then why are you writing. What it is about this position that you feel you could really
do a better job than someone else. Your accomplishments, why are you qualified? What have you done?
What's similar, what may be different, or where you may see this job taking you in the
future. And finally, don't forget to summarize and close. That summarization brings it back
to, and the reminder of the reader, why they should select you and look at your resume,
so that you could move to the next step. My name is Gloria Campbell. I'm with Advantage
Training Systems located in Saint Petersburg, Florida, and yes a cover letter is important!
It is what will get you to the next step.