How to Make Tin Punched Christmas Ornaments : How to Find Tin for Christmas Ornaments

Uploaded by expertvillage on 22.01.2008

Hi, this is Marie French from Expert Village. Now I'm going to show you or tell you where
we are going to kind of find tin. We can find tin in the Coca-Cola tin can, we can find
it in hey, cranberry sauce from Thanksgiving, anywhere. Tin is everywhere, you just don't
realize it. I found this at a work site where they had extra flashing and I took these things
and cut circles out, I take the lids from my tin cans and make things. It's the ultimate
recycling art project. Not only are you recycling, you are making beautiful art work and it will
last forever, and the rustier it gets, the better it looks. So you can make sconces from
this like I said, you can make chandeliers, you can make candle sticks, candle holders
and today we are going to make ornaments. These are some of the wonderful ornaments
we are going to be making that are all just punched tin. And I'm going to show you just
some fun and clever ways that we can punch that tin. So, join me on our next segment
while we punch some tin.