Talking head of XBOCT @ Starladder StarSeries (with eng subs)

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Jul 13, 2012

I can't.
You have a strong stamina.
Come on, speak.
- About what?
I'm fighting. I'm fighting on Naixes with Dagons.
- All alone? Are you well prepared?
Did you check your individual skill?
- It's fine.
I was in Yalta.
I haven't played fo two weeks at all.
- Did you have a rest?
- I was making money and spending them.
And now I'm here.
Nothing actually changed.
My skill is the same.
I thought it to be worse.
I feel a bit sick but everything's pretty awesome.
- Did you prepare any special tricks for StarLadder?
- We always prepare some tricks and don't pick them afterwards.
Maybe I'm lucky now
to ask Puppey to pick the needed hero.
- Which one?
- We thought to try it in the game vs Darer,
but Puppey decided to use it vs Empire.
- Mortred?
- Yep.
- I've heard Na`Vi got the new bootcamp place.
I actually work there.
- Awesome place.
- I can't show it so far,
but what about your impressions?
- Great impressions.
- It’s not like here,
there is a conditioner, 5 computers, shops and restaurants.
So you can try delicious food.
There is a gym there.
That's what I need most of all!
- Are you going to the gym?
- I've already been there several times.
Not the one at our place, but the other one.
- Why did you make such a decision?
Many comments in the internet?
- No, I don't care what they say about me in the internet.
I just don't want to look like a monster.
- Good on you.
- Who will qualify from the 2nd,
the 3rd and even the 4th place in your opinion?
- Darer are definitely the 2nd,
then M5 and as rumors spread around - Empire are to be the 4th.
Much depends on us.
We just show our class and that’s it.
Friends are friends, but the game is the game.
If you want to win -
come and win but don't beg to qualify you.
- As far as I know,
DOTA update is to be released tomorrow.
- I don't know.
- You don't?
- I know that I have to kill creeps, heroes and win.
- That's what DOTA is about.
- Yep.
- Ok, good luck at the tournament.
- Thanks dude.