Airgun Homemade Ballistic Test - Gamo Penetration and Impact - English Sub

Uploaded by lgmorato on 15.08.2008

So folks, I'll do the famous homemade ballistic test with a soap.
With Hatsan 125TH
Using a Gamo Match .177 Pellet
Lets Go!
I'll shoot at a distance of 10 feet
One more shot with Gamo Pro Magnum
This one that will crossed the wood, I'm sure.
So folks, making a summary, this is the bar of soap, very dense.
The left shot was made with the Pro Magnum and the right with the Match
This is the opening with the Mach And this is with the Pro Magnun
Both crossed the soap, but Match stopped on wood and Pro Magnum crossed the wood.
Really a very strong rifle and I highly recommend
Thats All! Thanks!