【DEMO:CC】Oberheim Matrix-6

Uploaded by musictrackjp on 03.11.2010

This is the Oberheim Matrix Six!
How do you like its simple looks?
The front panel is printed, as you can see.
Only one slider, for volume.
You can use the 10-key pad and mode select to edit or create sounds.
It's, how should I say, a blend of analog and digital.
Under the hood it's got virtual analog DCOs...
but also VCA, VCF, FM and more.
In any case, the sound is analog.
Of course it's full of lots of different sounds.
Like strings...
People associate Oberheim with brass...
but let's not forget about strings.
WARM strings.
It's called a Matrix SIX because it's six-voice polyphonic.
Up to six.
There we go.
Six voices.
There are piano type sounds...
Octave-layered brass sounds...
This kind of sharp tone is nice.
Choirs, voice type sounds...
This is quite useable.
It's nice to have so many variations of synth brass.
Metallic sounds also, of course.
These kinds of sharp sounds are still good.
These sounds have OBERHEIM written all over them.
The Oberheim pitch bender. Pull to bend up...
Push to bend down.
It works opposite compared to wheels used by Yamaha etc.
The idea behind this is from a guitar technique called 'choking', where you play like this on the neck...
It's easy to get used to though.
And on the left side is modulation.
Oberheim have built this with functionality in mind.
Layered sounds too...
This kind of sound, with the bend there, very nice.
These strings are quite nice, don't you think?
Such a nice sound!
And that was the Oberheim Matrix Six.