Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button pursue perfection in stylish Singapore

Uploaded by JWStepInside on 21.09.2012

Coming into Singapore, the whole city is buzzing.
I love racing here in Singapore.
There aren't many places that could put on a night race in a city.
Singapore is obviously the toughest race:
One, the humidity. It's non stop, there's no rest around the circuit.
When you're driving you don't have any cool air coming in.
It's like doing a bit of a workout in a sauna for two hours.
I arrived on Sunday so I've been here a week, getting used to the humidity.
I've been out cycling, I've been out running.
When I jump into the F1 car I know I've done that training
and it's in the back of my mind and mentally I feel a lot stronger
because of that.
Generally here we have a lot of people.
It's one of our biggest turnouts of the year.
The grandstands are full here. It's such a busy race.
And to be one of the 24 drivers in front of all those people,
it's an incredible, incredible experience.
When we're racing people are starting to party.
So it's a really good atmosphere.
Everyone is out to party this week.
There are so many concerts, you get tons of parties.
This year's Circuit Lounge party is held at Gardens by the Bay.
Actually this is the party I always look forward to the most
during the F1 weekend.
Every year we come here something has changed.
There's a new building. Driving around is so, so different.
We wanted to create a sense of wonder.
People come here and actually go, "Wow, that's just amazing!"
I've been coming to Singapore for about 10 years now
and in that time it's totally transformed.
It needs to be constantly reinventing itself to keep ahead of the game.
I think there's some really interesting similarities
between F1 and Gardens by the Bay.
The engineering on both sides is basically pushing the boundaries
of what is the leanest, cleanest, most efficient way
of delivering the performance that you're after.
When you're driving at 200 miles an hour,
you don't have a second to think.
All you've got to have on your mind is 'I want to win this race'.
You're just constantly tuned in to keeping the car on a fine line,
lap after lap after lap after lap.
It takes a huge amount of concentration.
Most drivers train hard because we need to to drive the car
but some of us also do it because we love the competition.
I know that I'm going to be quicker this weekend
because I've done it in the past.
I feel strong, I feel clear. I'm looking forward to the race.
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