Raavan (2010) w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie - Part 8

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No army today. No guns
No uniform either
Alone today
Beera, let go of his hand
Let him fall and plunge screaming to his death
Where is he?
What happened?
You thought it was your husband
What have you done to him?
He's God to you
l am a demon. A ten-headed demon
Tell me he's all right
Don't make me beg
Answer me
Tell me he's all right
lsn't he?
He was dangling...
...from a bridge. Seething with anger. Furrowed brow
Hold it tight
Your lnspector is in a big hurry
Slithering like a snake to strike me
Do me a favour
l don't do favours
Don't kill Dev
-lf you survive, one of us dies -l'll let go of the rope
Or shoot you
You think l'd give you a loaded gun?
Always wondered who'd take my life in the end
Fire one bullet
The lnspector
We'll all be free
Release me
Aim right here
All over in an instant
l'll die happy
And if l stay...
You'll stay?
Here? With us?
lf l don't kill the lnspector...
...you'll stay
For me alone
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
You came 14 days late. Why not in 14 minutes?
You had me scared
Where is he?
l'm here. What more do you want?
Where are you?
Did you come for me? Orfor him?
Let's go
Beera, l'll be back
Ourwar isn't over
Take me home
Take me home
Did he raise a hand on you?
Did he hurt you?
lntimidate you? Threaten you?
Didn't touch you, did he?
What took place between you and Beera?
You were there for 14 days
14 days
14 nights
l know what you're asking
Look at me
Can't you tell?
Ok. Take a lie detectortest
Doesn't it sicken you asking me that?
lf you're telling the truth, why fearthe test?
l've lived on hope for 14 days
But your 10 words now make me wish l was dead
The truth always hurts
-How do you know what's true? -He told me
He said:
''My hands are sullied. But your wife isn't pure as gold''
-He couldn't have said that -He said a lot more
Shall l tell you bit by bit? Or all in one go?
And you believed him?
No reason not to
-l'm getting off this train -Who's stopping you?
Do you want to throw me out of your life?
l want to be rid of the lies
l'm not lying, Dev
Not you
But yourface...your eyes
Everything tells me you're lying
All lies
You shouldn't have come back
Even if l knew where Beera is, l mustn't tell you
l don't know why you came back
lf anger brings you here, then kindly go home
You're back
What did you tell Dev?
l can't hear a word