ABDC Drake - Season 7 Week 4 - Mos Wanted Crew, 8 Flavahz, Fanny Pak, Elektrolytes & More

Uploaded by DanceOn on 30.04.2012


FANNY PAK: So this week is Drake week.
And the challenge is to bring a Drake lyric to life.
And we got "Make You Proud." And our lyric, if you want to
know it, is "running on a treadmill, only eating salad."
RATED NEXT GENERATION: We have "HYFR" by Drake and Lil Wayne.
We did get a little criticism from JC about
overusing the prop.
But this week we don't have a prop, and
we're going to smash.
JEREMY STRONG: Tonight we're dancing to "Over" by Drake.
"Over." Last week, we came close to being eliminated
because we were in the bottom.
It was an eye-opener as well as a humbling experience.
Because once you become in the bottom, now you're like, I
don't want to go back to the bottom.
So this week, we plan to bring it so, so hard.
And we're going to go amp on stage.
JOSHUA SMITH: Bringing that heat.
SAL BANUELOS: This week we have "Headlines" by Drake.
CHRIS THOMAS: I'm finally performing with the guys for
the first time.
And I'm feeling really good.
I'm feeling really blessed.
I'm feeling really pumped up, hyped to go out there and kill
it with these guys and continue on our path to,
basically, win this thing, right?
STEPBOYS: This week is Drake week.
And Stepboys have the song "Best I Ever Had." We're
taking our first performance, which was full of tricks and
gimmicks and cool stuff like that.
And we're taking our second performance, which was full of
choreo and stuff like that.
And we're mashing it together into a nice combination of
MOS WANTED CREW: This week, we got "The Motto" by Drake.
We were definitely really amped about this week, because
this is actually the first week that it's music that we
would regularly dance to.
So we were really hype about it.
And for me personally, and a lot of members in the crew,
this is our favorite artist.
So it was also a lot to live up to.
Also, especially in the past two weeks, we've been setting
a bar for ourselves.
And so we had a lot to live up to this week too.
So that's a challenge as well.
8 FLAVAHZ: This week we have "Find Your Love" by Drake.
TAMARA RAPP: To change up the styles from Madonna, we kind
of went with what's going on in our actual lives right now.
So we're using all of our feelings and our emotions and
the struggles that we're going through.
And we're using it as a good thing, we're using it for
strength in this routine.
8 FLAVAHZ: We are 8 Flavahz, and you're watching DanceOn.