CGRundertow ZOMBIE FARM for iPhone Video Game Review

Uploaded by CGRundertow on 20.11.2011

Say what you want about causal gaming, Facebook and Mobile games, but it’s my guess that
they’re here to stay. So we’re faced with a choice, learn to peacefully coexist or be
at constant odds with each other. I’m choosing the peaceful way mostly because when I find
a game under that category that I enjoy, there’s no guilty pleasure associated with it but
rather I can proudly share the game with friends, family and you guys! And that’s the case
with this app, Zombie Farm.
Now the title leaves little to the imagination... You’re on a farm and there’s zombies involved.
Developed by the Play Forge, Zombie Farm is a real-time farm simulation game. You play
the farmer and you’ll be plowing fields, planting crops and growing zombies. Each crop
or zombie has a certain amount of time before it’s ready to harvest ranging anywhere from
15 minutes to 24 hours. Plowing and harvesting will earn you XP, higher levels will unlock
more crops, zombies and items that can be purchased in the market. Here you’ll spend
gold earned from selling crops or brains which are obtained by quests, purchasing with real
money, or invasions.
That’s right these zombies aren’t just for show or to sell like the rest of your
crops they are for action and they are hungry. There are a variety of zombies with strengths
and weaknesses, a balanced regular zombie, a slightly quicker but weaker female zombie,
a really big, strong, but really slow brute zombie, a really tiny, but weak mini zombie,
a headless tanking type zombie, and a fertilizing, healing garden zombie. Eventually as you progress
and complete more invasions you will learn new abilities to help out during your attacks,
which can be done every two hours.
The invasions are a fun feature and it sets it apart from a game like Farmville. You actually
send out your zombies to attack another farmers, which award you gold and a chance at random
items and power-ups. Youl tap your zombies to send them out as they fight off minions
until the boss comes down to duke it out themselves.
You can spend gold on items and decorations for your farm. Some are functional, like the
storage shed, mausoleum, and gravestones, but most are just for show and will award
XP and “Life Force” which will increase the chance you won’t harvest a “lifeless”
zombie and increase chance of mutations. You can purchases mutations in the market. Planting
that type of crop by a zombie has a chance of giving it a bonus, to either life, power,
or speed. You can have multiple mutations for almost every part of the zombie, head,
arms, body, etc.
There’s a few powers-ups too mostly farming related. Forget to harvest your crops and
they will wilt, but you can use a regrowth boost to revive them. There’s also a lot
of time saver boosts that will instantly grow crops, harvest and plow everything for you
and allow you invade without waiting!
Recently added, you’ll be able to add friends and visit their farm. While there you can
just check out the scenery, or give them a gift or play tag with their zombies and earn
some extra experience.
I enjoy Zombie farm a lot. The cartoonish design adds to the humor and charm of the
game. The music and sound effects are all well done. Overall it provides a great way
to kill some time especially for the price of free of charge!