Veronica Belmont & Tom Merritt's Sword and Laser Trailer (Sci-fi/Fantasy Book Club & More)!

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VERONICA BELMONT: Hey, everyone.
I'm Veronica Belmont
TOM MERRITT: And I'm Tom Merritt.
VERONICA BELMONT: And our show, The Sword and Laser, is
coming to Geek and Sundry April 13.
TOM MERRITT: That's right.
You might know we started four years ago as an online book
club, then grew Sword and Laser into an audio podcast
and now are alchemically transforming it
into a YouTube show.
Sword and Laser.

VERONICA BELMONT: Every other Friday, we'll share the latest
in science fiction and fantasy news, talk to big-name and
up-and-coming authors, and, in staying true to our roots,
discuss the book with all of you.
TOM MERRITT: That's right.
In our premiere episode, we'll kick off our first book, The
Magicians, by Lev Grossman.
If you like spells, death, and adventure, you're
going to dig it.
VERONICA BELMONT: Head on over to our Goodreads forums to
join the community, discuss the book with other members,
and maybe even get sidetracked into a philosophical
discussion about hard sci-fi or cursing wizards.
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TOM MERRITT: We can't wait to read with you.
Do you smell burning?