Benny's one month point in Arabic. First full and unedited spontaneous (struggling) dialogue

Uploaded by irishpolyglot on 19.10.2012

Good morning
Good morning, Benny
How are you?
Fine, thank god. What about you ?
I'm fine.
I ....
I'm really sorry about the noise.
The noise ?
Yes, the noise.
Very noisy
There is work around you ?
They are doing construction.
Today, the video will be 5 minutes.
I need...
I knew that you are sports photographer.
Sports photographer
Yes, sports photographer and piano player.
I'm playing piano.
Playing piano
Yes, many jobs...
Why do you live in New York?
Or do you live in Columbus?
I'm living in Columbus.
Columbus Ohio
Do you know that i was in Columbus in July ?
In July ?
Yes, I was with Moses Mccormick.
Moses Mccormick, you don't know?
I don't know Moses Mccormick, but he was in Columbus in July.
Good , good city.
Columbus is a nice city.
Yes.. I.. You.. Did you know that I'm a traveler writer? In my blog.
I write in my blog.
Many thanks, You are doing this video.
Happy to help in any way! My wife reads your blog.
My wife reads your blog.
Yes, I know that you are husband of one of my blog readers.
Do you read my blog ?
Do I read your blog ?
Sometimes yes.
I don't know, today is the first time i speak with you.
Bravo , Bravo. Very good till now
Thanks.. Thanks
What do you want to do this weekend?
This weekend i will travel to Washington DC, to record the match.
Um... "match"...?
Football match.
Match, OK!!
I myself, have a party in Brazil (this weekend).
I'm learning Arabic everyday .. One time a week I go out.
A party....
Yes, OK.
Today, I only need 5 minutes.
My Arabic is not good, But i'm speaking for 1 month only.
That's very good for only 1 month.
Very good
OK, Thanks.. Thanks.
OK, That's good, Thank you.
Thanks, Goodbye.