100805 SHINee @ SSTP Part 2/7 (ENG)

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Among those who sent in questions..
we'll choose the best one and give you a SHINee signed CD.
Then where shld you send these questions to, Taemin?
Yes, send it to #8001 or through "mini" on the Internet.
Each SMS is 50won. MMS will have an aditional fee of 100 Won.
Not bad. Last time, you would be nervous.(when reading)
Then let's talk about SHINee's new album.
Rather than talking on and on about it, it's best to listen to it together.
So we've specially prepared SHINee's 2nd album Lucifer
and we'll reveal the songs that the members chose themselves
The title is, "SHINee's ________"
There're no song effects now?
We don't have sound effects now.
I really liked the sound effects.
There were originally effects. Is it because of me...
SHINee's recent album has 13 songs altogether.
We want to listen to all 13 songs too.
But time is limited
The SHINee members will choose the best out of the best songs.
Let's listen to these 5 best songs.
To make the members choose 1 song out of 13 songs, it's really tough
It's much easier than you think
Really? It's just choosing one song.
For some it's easy, for others it's hard to choose.
I understand. We'll know after listening.
What are the songs that SHINee personally chose from the album?
Let's listen to it. Please play the first song.
The opening sounds good.
Who chose this song?
I chose it. ONEW!!
Yes, it's me.
What's the reason?
The reason for choosing this song is because I wrote the lyrics for it.
It's a song that I really like.
The title?
It's called "Your Name"
What's the content?
Oh.. just your name.
How informative...
Sorry but I asked for the song's content.
Ah, the song's content. Hmm.. very good.
This song has a special feature.
"You" "Me" appearing a total of 50 times.
Neo, Na, Naega, Nige
Then who did you think of while writing the lyrics?
I wrote the lyrics while watching the film "Love, Actually"
AHH OHHH ~ ~ I understand. Thank you.
What a pity, I couldn't dig anything out of him.
Actually it's alright to just accept that I wrote the lyrics like this.
What if I don't accept it? Ah.. no..
Then Onew wants a love story like the one in Love, Actually?
Of course. It's the kind of love that everyone fantasizes about.
I want to confess like how it's done in the movie.
I like to make formal speeches too.
I'm making a formal speech now.
I'm sorry, there's something wrong with Onew today.
but the song is really good.
I dont have any headphones now. Can't hear it.
It was always playing?
Yes, it's playing.
Now Onew has started listening to it. Let's skip to the 2nd song.
The 2nd song that SHINee has chosen.
Jonghyun chose it. Yes I chose it.
What song is it? It's "Obssession"
What's your reason for choosing this song?
I wrote the lyrics for it.
Our SHINee members are really similar.
Actually we were very shocked previously and even gave SHINee a call.
When the album was just released.
In the search engine, "SHINee curse(Yok)"
I was thinking what have these kids done again
Below "SHINee curse", there was "Jonghyun"
What a shock. After calling them, I knew that it's a song called "Obssession (Yok)"
Out of all titles, why chose "Yok"?
The song lyrics are about cursing me, blaming me
The "Yok" in the lyrics means "Desire"
The "Yok" used in "Desire"
Very smart. Smart, right?
Then what were your thoughts when writing this song?
It's about breaking up with a girlfriend.
So it's about you breaking up with your girlfriend?
Why like this? Why are you treating me like this?
I already wrote the lyrics a year ago.
Ah, you two broke up a year ago.
Alright, we'll stop asking.
Let's listen to the next song.
Who chose this song?
It's me.
Oh, Minho. What's the title?
It's called "Ak (Shout out)"
is that why in the beginning, there were "Ak, Ak"
We also didn't know that's the reason.
The reason I chose this song
You wrote the lyrics? I wrote the rap.
Oh, so you wrote the rap. Rap-making!
I did "rap-making" in other songs too
But because I put in a lot of effort in this song, so I liked it more
Wait a moment. Listening to it now, seems like the rap parts are very long
Yes, the raps are really long. Are they all Minho's parts?
About the same. Yes, the solo part.
I also wrote the lyrics to this song.
You wrote it yourself?
Wrote it together.
I wrote it too.
The lyricist for this song is SHINee
SHINee and JQ
This is my 2nd favourite song
Then this is the song in which Minho has the most parts?
Seems like it.
Now if he wants to say anything, he'll rap it.
Minho, can you rap 2 lines? Rap along to the song.
This is not my part.
My part is over.
Ended? Yes, I rap in the first part.
Then we'll play the song again.
Must listen to Minho's voice.
Key should participate too.
Then Key will do it together.
To be able to perform right after our request. It's not bad already.
Minho: I got a shock. My heart was beating fast.
Key: You forgot the lyrics right?
It's not that I forgot...
Minho, let's listen to the next song.
This song was chosen by Key. What's the title?
This is the 3rd track in the album, called "Electric Heart"
It's a very different song.
What's the reason for choosing it?
Although I don't have many parts in the song, and I didn't write the lyrics
It matches the title song. and has a totally new vibe to it.
And it's not a genre commonly heard.
That's why I chose this song.
This song is totally different from the songs we heard just now.
It's a song that has SHINee's style.
Seems like the members like this song too.
Yes, the reason why I like this song is because
In the first verse, there's "Chocolate"
Not "Chokolit" but "cho-KO-lit"
Ah, shall we continue listening?
We'll listen to the next song.
The last song is a ballad.
Taemin chose this song right?
Yes, I chose it.
Personally, I prefer ballads.
I often listen to ballads while travelling in the car.
That's why I like this song. The title is "Life"
Not bad. Really..
This song is not bad. Then let's end this segment while listening to this song
What a good idea.
Now we've reached the end of the 1st part.
In the 2nd part, we will continue spending a good time talking to SHINee.