EF Los Angeles - Redondo Beach, California, USA

Uploaded by EF on 09.06.2010

Welcome to the American home of music, movies and television,
Los Angeles, the city of angels,\N\h
Where the pioneering spirit of the first Americans exploring the west lives on
and you find the rich and famous on every corner.
ln Los Angeles, LA for short, you'll find some of the best beaches in the United States.
Visit Malibu, made popular in the TV series “Baywatch”,
take a stroll along the boardwalk of Venice Beach,
or hop on a bike and cruise along the South Bay Bicycle Trail,
from Santa Monica to Redondo Beach, home of our EF Los Angeles School.
Hi, my name is Roger Fong and I'm the School Director
for EF Los Angeles Redondo Beach.\N\h
Most of our teaching staff have their masters’ or doctorate degrees.
Our academic staff will make sure that you are in your correct classes for English.
Our activities department will be sure that you get to see the things that you want to see.
Our housing staff will make sure that you're having a great living experience
- either with your host family or the residence.
Every EF school offers modern facilities with state-of-the-art computer labs and
comfortable study areas as well as personalized attention from our
experienced and dedicated staff.\N\h
This is my seventeenth year teaching English, my second year with EF and one of the things
that I find really rewarding is the students that come to EF from different countries.
I find that their base in English is generally stronger, and their enthusiasm and
interest in learning the language is also stronger.
I take current events and try to incorporate them into my lessons
by using the vocabulary that is designed in the pamphlets,
but using topics that are in the news that may reiterate
or reinforce the vocabulary the students are learning during their current week.
EF Redondo Beach offers students the widest variety of accommodation options.
Most students choose to live in our welcoming local homestays;
others stay in spacious apartment-style residence rooms.
I prefer living in a residence because you live together – different cultures –
and you meet friends easily.\N\h
On the weekends it's nice living in the residence; you can do a lot of stuff.
You can go to the beach or have a swim in the pool; it's a good way to meet new friends.
There's no shortage of things to do after class: go surfing,
play volleyball, or just hang out on the beach.\N\h
I went to Hollywood many times, You can go to clubs and see the 'walk of fame' and the
Chinese Theatre, the Kodak Theater, the Wax Museum;
there are many entertaining places to visit.\N\h
Last week, we went to Venice Beach and we spent the whole day there.
We went early morning and we were swimming; met weird people and shopped.
We had a really good time there the whole day. Arnold Schwarzenegger was there!
Enjoy the best of both worlds – a big city and relaxing beach life –
while taking advantage of EF's expert English education.
Come fulfill your California dreams with EF Los Angeles in Redondo Beach
and you'll never want to leave the city of angels!