Baked Chicken Empanadas with Queso Dip

Uploaded by RhodesBread on 29.04.2011

Hi welcome to rhodes video recipe box, my names amy and today we're going to make Baked
Chicken Empanadas and a yummy Queso Dips.
What you'll need is a package of rhodes dinner rolls, and you want your rolls thawed.
And what your going to do, is you just want to take your dinner roll and press it out
to a sixth to seventh inch circle.
So, and it's not a really big circle it's just it should be pretty fast to roll them
out, just like that.
And then once you get all of your circle rolled out, your going to want to cover them with
some plastic wrap and your going to let them rest while you are making your chicken filling.
So, i'm going to spray some plastic wrap, just cover it and let that rest.
And then, for your chicken filling, what you want to do is I've got two cups of chicken,
and your just going to put all of your ingredients in, this is Pepper Jack cheese.
And then some Red Peppers, and Jalapeño's, and some cilantro, which is my favorite, and then your spices just;
Which is Cumin, Salt, and Pepper and then Cream Cheese.
So Get this all mixed in and i'm using a spatula, that way I can get the chicken mixed into
the cream cheese really well.
Once you get your chicken mixture all mixed up, your going to go back to your dough and
what you want to do is your going to take a little bit of water and just using your
finger just put it around the edges of the dough.
This way, when you fold it over it will seal nicely for you.
and then a scoup of your chicken, and just right onto the dough.
and then your just going to fold it over, just like that.
and you can use a fork if you want, just crimp the edges, and this will keep it sealed while
your baking.
and then you want to place these are you baking sheet, and i'm going to use a sharp knife,
and put two or three little "slits" and this will be a vent hole to help it vent while
its baking.
Once all of your Empanadas are put together, you'll bake at Three hundred and fifty degree's
for about fifteen to twenty minutes, and then i'll show you how to make the Queso Dip.
I'm just going to move this back here so i have a little bit more room.
So you'll need one block of the mexican velveeta and I just diced it up and put it in a bowl.
and I'm going to put this right into the microwave for one minute.
So take it out of the microwave and just stir it up and you'll want it at a nice smooth
So i'm going to stir it for a second here and then it needs to go back into the microwave
for one more minute.
So i'm going to stick it back into the microwave for one more minute.
So take it out of the microwave and stir it up, and now it's nice and smooth.
So i'm going to add in my tomato's with green chiles, and then a can of green chiles.
Mix it all up and this is your Queso Dip and you can dip your Chicken Empanadas in this
and this will make enough also if you want to have tortilla chips as a side, you will have
plenty of cheese for you tortilla chips also.
Just like that, it smells really good too with those green chiles.
So if you'de like the complete recipe visit and thanks for baking with