Education - Associate Professor Rosie Le Cornu, PhD - University of South Australia

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Kids don't care how much you know
but they know how much you care
and they know by the way you listen.

One time, there was one family and they had
all the aunties and uncles and everybody there
just for this interview
about what they thought about their children's schooling
and I had the best time

and it was way back, so it was way back in '77
I went and learnt Greek at night school for twelve months
so I could at least say hello and thank you and whatever.
Mind you, in the end I couldn't drive because their hospitality was amazing!
So they were giving me ouzo, and Greek coffee and...

and one Greek mum held me after one interview and said
"you listen with your heart"

She said "that's what we want"

28 years later they invited us, the teacher and I back.
It was the most amazing experience
to see where we taught them as twelve-year-olds
there they were as forty-year-olds
and for them that year was significant.

You live in hope that what you do is making a difference
but to have that opportunity was just huge for me.