Evolutional transformation of children's brain by Nicolai Levashov (sub)

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As the brain structure of an adult has already formed,
it needs to be altered
in order to transform it into a new state
As concerns the brain structure of a child
it is at a developmental stage,
that’s why it is much easier to transform it
An incident with a girl, whose name is Tanya Sokolova
is an example of such transformation
Her parents sought help from me
because she suffered from severe asthma
which was caused by infection in her body
She also had a spinal curvature and a deformation of her hip
Fortunately, during the treatment those diseases were over
Now she is in perfect health
Moreover she has acquired some features
about which she can probably tell us
- Tanya, what was going on with you?
What did you see when you were being treated?
- The first thing I saw was my lungs
- What are they?
- They were plump and they were studded with black dots
Then when my treatment was over
I saw that my lungs became clean and they emitted the light
What is more, there was a rainbow
- What else did u see inside your body and inside others’?
- I can see internals of any person
For example I can see them inside my father’s body
- And what did you see there?
- I saw that his lungs are black because he smokes
- He should get rid of this bad habit!
Do you see only internal organs?
- One day we, me and my father, were in the subway
And there were also two women
They were constantly looking into the bag
My father asked me what there was
I looked at the bag and said that there was a glass jar with a hamster
My father couldn’t resist, he came up to those women
and asked «What do you have in your bag?»
- And what did they answer?
- They said that there was a hamster
- They were very surprised at your father, weren’t they?
- Yes they were.
- And what else are you able to do
besides these two events about which you have told me
- I’m able to see and hear music because each note has its own colour
I can hear for example the music of a flower, a human or a star
- Every musician may dream of having such a talent
Are you involved in music?
- Yes (she nodded her agreement)
-Will you play something that you’ve heard?
- Yes of course - Go ahead