Baking Old Fashioned Gingerbread : Adding Vanilla for a Gingerbread Recipe

Uploaded by expertvillage on 22.01.2008

My name is Brandon Sarkis on behalf of Expert Village. Today I am going to show you how
to make gingerbread. You can see how now it is taking on a much thicker consistency with
the addition of the eggs. So what I am going to do now is I'm going to pour in my teaspoon
of vanilla. So, I'm going to go ahead and turn it off for this step. We'll just take
a teaspoon here and pour it right over the top. That should work out great and turn it
back on. You can see it is coming out a little thick right now but we still have some more
flour to add in. Let's just add a little tiny bit of that real quick. There we go. Alright
let's let this go for a couple of minutes and we'll come back and prepare to put it
in the fridge.