BTS#11 - celebrating 200m at Jagex Studios

Uploaded by runescape on 27.07.2012

Behind the Scenes: 200M at Jagex Studios
Welcome to RuneScape: Behind the Scenes - last week saw the 200 millionth RuneScape account
created and to celebrate, we're taking a look at how we marked the occasion here at Jagex.
We've already seen what 200 million accounts mean to you, the community,
so let's go behind the scenes and hear from the J-Mods.
RuneScape hit 200 million accounts today. I think it's a fantastic, massive milestone for the game
and it really just brings everything together, everybody's hard work over the last 11 years.
It's a massive achievement.
It's a fantastic moment.
It's well over due, we've been really waiting for it for such a long time. The office has been a real buzz for the last few weeks.
We've got all our players playing at the minute, fighting the demons - it's great news.
It's always a good excuse to have a party, and we do know how to party well here at Jagex.
I think the work the team have done in the last 6 months, this year, is phenomenal;
no one has worked harder, the team is double the size it's ever been.
We're blown away by this, it's the community that's built this. 99.9% of those numbers are word of mouth, friends telling
friends about the game. We've got some very cool plans for the tail end of this year which might include...
You can expect to see combat coming out for real obviously soon. It's in beta at the moment but I think
there's going to be a lot of cool things off the back of combat. It's going to give us the opportunity
opportunity to do a lot of really cool combat content.
We put a little more work into the player owned ports today, so I'm hoping so i'm hoping to have the design brief
approved towards the end of next week, which is very exciting. And also some work on the anti bot project that we've got coming up
very soon. Both of those things are going to change the game quite considerably.
We wouldn't be anything without the community so really, a big thanks to the community for making the game what it is today.
Thank you very much for being such loyal players!
I love you all dearly, you make everyday that I work here a better place!
Keep on playing, we've got some absolutely fantastic, amazing things coming up in the future!
A huge thank you to the Brazilian and Portuguese communities, to everyone who plays RuneScape in Brazil and in Portugal. Yey!
I love you lots, keep it up, keep up the grinding and keep up the playing, and I'll see you on the beta!
Next week, pack your thermals, because we look at the Penguin quest "Some Like It Cold".