Mixed Martial Arts & Cage Fighting Basics : How to Defend a Kick in Mixed Martial Arts

Uploaded by expertvillage on 18.01.2008

ED WEDDING: Okay, so I showed you a little bit defense from the punches, now I'm going
to show--Mychal's going to demonstrate defense from my kicks, okay, my two kicks being my
roundhouse kick and my push kick or the teep they call it, okay. So the first one I'm going
to do--first kick I'm going to do is a kick to the leg, okay? And the first block he's
going to do or defensive move is he's going to shield or block by bringing his left leg
up. Shh, just like that, okay? Once again, I kick his leg and he's in a block, good,
like this, good. So that's the outside kick, the inside kick, I'm aiming for the inner
thigh here, he's going to cross shield. So he's bringing that same block up and he's
going to out it over this side, okay? Yeah, good, uh-hum, shh, just like that, uh-hum,
shh, good. So, next now I'm just going to raise the level, I went low kicks, the low
leg kicks, I'm going to go to the body, okay? So I'm doing a left switch kick to this side,
he's going to catch my leg, okay? Shh, shh, just like that. Now notice when he's got my
leg, he's posting his left hand on my shoulder to keep me off balance so I can't punch him,
okay. So he could actually take me down from here, okay. Once again, left kick, shh, shh,
good, just like that. Now the right side, he's going to step out with the right foot,
okay, shh, shh, just like this. Okay, notice that again, the post on the shoulder, I can't
get to him, okay? One more time, shh, shh, good.