Healthy Eating: Your Health Starts in the Kitchen | HealthiNation

Uploaded by HealthiNation on 11.02.2011

You’re eating for a new you, so you can’t have the same old temptations calling out
your name. Strip the excess fat from your kitchen before shedding it from your waistline.
Do a cabinet deep-cleaning and find a food shelter to donate the no-no non-perishables.
But tuck away your favorite treat like chocolate in a side drawer- It’ll be waiting there
to reward you each time you find yourself 2 pounds lighter.
Post a few motivational notes or quotes on the fridge – they’ll remind you in times
of weakness why meeting your weight loss goal is so important.
If you share a kitchen with others, make sure everyone knows your goals. They’re may not
be eating the same menu, but they’ll be on the same team and can help make sure you’re
staying on track. A strong support system can be just as important as measuring cups
for keeping portions in check.