Mabat Sheni: The mysteries of the Israeli brain

Uploaded by amiramedilab on 29.03.2011

It's something wide
It's a saw
Very good!
We need to align to where the wall and floor meet, right?
Shlomo is congenitally blind
With the aid of a new system, he learned to recognize geometrical shapes
The long cane was replaced with a camera scanning the area
With a special program, translating the visual objects into sounds
These are recieved by his brain. This way, Shlomo can find his way around.
Try and walk in its direction
Here is the direction
But you were in the right direction
It was a common belief in most of the scientific world
that here in the parietal lobe, we detect touch
while in the lower part here, we see objects and recognize them
What we found out is that the exact same area functions in the congenitally blind
It means that this area does not care which sense inputs information about the world
This division between the parts of the brain that function for touch, vision and audition
Is not correct.
It's a house..
With doors and windows.
Let us see, how can we teach someone to read the letter V in five minutes
Descending line.. Accesnding line..
Now let us hear what it sounds like when we put them together
We draw the letter V
This is exactly how our brain deals with the visual world
It does it so fast and so efficiently That you're not aware of it
It decomposes a picture to pixels, reconstructs the world and only then it recognizes it
All this happens in less than a second, or half a second.
It takes Shlomo a bit more time, because he needs to learn a new language
But it's possible!