Refrigerator Repair- Replacing the Ice Dispenser Solenoid and Door Kit (Whirlpool Part #12001991)

Uploaded by partselect on 19.05.2011

Hi, it’s Steve from Partselect. You’ve decided to replace the ice dispenser door
and solenoid kit on your refrigerator. It’s actually a pretty simple repair, let me show
you how it’s done. All you’re going to need is a pair of needle nose pliers and a
number 15 torx bit screw driver.
To replace the ice dispenser solenoid kit we first of all need to remove the drip tray,
just grip it and pull forward. You need to remove these two torx 15 screws to get the
escutcheon off. Now lift gently up on the escutcheon until it disengages from the top.
Tilt it outward and disconnect this little wire harness.
Now we need to remove 3 more screws, torx 15, this will allow us to pull the dispenser
forward where we can disconnect it. With it tilted forward reach in behind, close the
ice door and slide it downward to clear the fill tube. Tilt it sideways, exposing the
wire harness that we need to disconnect.
Disconnect the white wire connector and then disconnect the six-pin connector behind it.
Now we have the dispenser in our hand and we can do the repair. We’re going to lift
upward on the ice door and release the tension on the spring and remove the solenoid plunger.
Take a pair of needle nose pliers and pull down on this spring to disengage. Now we can
slide that assembly out of the housing and we’re ready to remove the solenoid.
The two wires located at the top, pull both of those off. We’ll remove the two screws
holding the solenoid in place
and rotate the solenoid out of the housing. To install the new solenoid drop it in to
the housing, slide it forward until we line up the openings and insert
the screws. Reconnect the two wires, make sure the terminals are tight and set the plunger
into the solenoid.
We need to remove the spring from the old strike. You’ll notice a short tab that engages
into the strike to lock the spring in place. Transfer that to the new door strike. We next
need to install the ice door on to the strike. Locate this tab into the slot, force the other
one gently apart and it’s firmly in place. Now we’ll engage the non-spring end of the
strike to the hole in the housing and then using our needle nose pliers we will rotate
the spring and engage it in the slot where we previously removed it. Once it is firmly
in place we’ll rotate the door to a closed position. Engage the opening on the solenoid
with the cam on the door.
The first step in reinstalling the dispenser assembly is to connect the wire harnesses.
Set the dispenser back in to place making sure that the fill tube slides into it’s appropriate
slot, try not to kink it. It should seat nicely and reinstall the three screws. To reinstall
the escutcheon we need to connect the harness. Make sure it’s firmly in place, lay it face
down. Hold in on the top while pressing downward. Make sure it’s engaged and we can put our
two screws back into the front panel.
We’ve got that ice dispenser solenoid and door kit installed. It wasn’t too bad of
a job was it? Good luck with your repair.