Audition tips from Nina: Editing

Uploaded by symphony on 11.10.2010

Perlove: I'm Nina Perlove,
flutist with the YouTube Symphony Orchestra
that performed at Carnegie Hall
and director of artist development
for the YouTube Symphony Orchestra 2011.
And I'm here to give you some quick tips
on how to make a great audition video.
When making your YouTube Symphony audition video,
you are allowed to play each excerpt
over and over again and then go back
and choose which one you think is your best
and submit that excerpt
for your audition.
But what you're not allowed to do is to edit your excerpt
every time you make a mistake and chop it up
so that we don't really know that you can play
the whole excerpt from beginning to end.
With video, it's pretty obvious when people stop the video,
go have a cup of coffee, come back the next day,
play it again, so I thought I would just show you
how obvious it is so that you can make sure
that you don't try to do that on your audition video.
[playing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star]
What? It's Alex Ross.
[playing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star]
So, please, no editing within excerpts.
[upbeat music]