Mahabharat - Episode 19

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Vasudev returned to Mathura disappointed
He knew that Pandu's sons belonged to Hastinapur...
...and could not go to Mathura
Hastinapur's heirs would obviously go there...
...whether the palace welcomed them or not
But if the heirs too, are unhappy...
...then the meaning of events also changes
Which is why Sage Vyas had to meet Satyavati
He knew Satyavati could not bear to witness...
...what was in Hastinapur's Fate
Fate does not mean Luck
Fate means: if the choice of bricks is incorrect...
...the wall will not be straight
The first brick of this wall is Dhritirashtra
lf this brick is crooked...
...then how can the wall be straight?
Another crooked brick is Satyavati's ambition
Which is why l say...
...that it was right for Sage Vyas to meet Satyavati
By taking Satyavati away he will fulfill his last duty
Do not rise for me mother
l am not rising for you my son
l rise in the honor of the Great Sage Vyas
Sometimes a mother is even greater than God
There is nothing greater than a mother's sacrifice
How come you are here?
l have to fulfill my last duty towards my mother
Last duty?
Yes mother. Last duty
Time flows like a river...
...but the body cannot remain steady like a boat
The Soul is a traveler...
...who is forever in search of its shore, its aim
What are you saying my son?
You will not understand
A mother has no knowledge of her motherhood
How long will you stand on the shore of motherhood?
To cry over drawbacks is not the aim of life
Get rid of attachment mother
And go where?
To the hermitage!
Your work in Hastinapur is now over
Take Ambalika and Ambika with you.
Why are you so heartless today my son?
Dhritirashtra is blind
He will be unable to see...
...but you will not be able to see
lt is good that Man...
... is unable to read the future
What is fated to happen will happen
Your leaving is preordained
And this is as it should be...
...because you will be unable to see...
...what is fated to happen
What is going to happen my son?
Why do you want to know?
Sometimes ignorance is bliss...
...and pre-knowledge a cause for sorrow
l can only say one thing:
You will be unable to watch what l...
...have seen in the future
Which is why it is best that you should leave
Come mother, l am here to take you away
l have heard that Sage Vyas is here
He is here to meet grand-mother
Grand-mother! Why did you...
...not call for me
Bless you!
Blessings to you!
My respects
Yes my daughter
Vyas says that... days in Hastinapur are over
l am going to the forest...
...with Ambika and Ambalika
ls something wrong?
No. Not so far!
lt is our good fortune that you have come
Just as you recognize the slightest sound...
...recognize the ominous sound of the Future
How can this unfortunate Dhritirashtra...
...How can l recognize anything?
Do not blame your Fate for the turn of events...
...because if Fate is everything...
...then action will have no meaning
Man himself is responsible for whatever happens
Fate means that only God knows...
...What is in store for an individual
But He never interferes in the affairs of Man
That's why do not close your Soul's eyes... Gandhari has closed hers
Never forget that thought...
Duryodhan is your eldest son...
...Yuddhistir is the eldest Kuru son
Take me with you O Sage!
Renunciation does not mean running away...
...but facing one's problems squarely
lf possible, try to live an austere family life
An austere family life?
Yes. lt means that what does not belong to you... not yours
You should know this!
Come mother
-Dhritirashtra -Yes mother
l am leaving Pandu's sons in your care
Watch over them carefully
They are the heirs of your younger brother
Rear them with love
ln case they are stubborn do not shoo them away
Be patient with them
And when they grow up give them their rights
Do not make them ask for their rights...
...because then there will be bitterness
Remember Duryodhan is your son...
...while they are Pandu's sons.
My daughter
l am leaving Hastinapur in Dhritirashtra's care...
...Dhritirashtra in yours
Look after him well
May your husband live long
May God grant you strength to do justice
Wait here!
Gandhari accompany us beyond this
That's enough
You cannot accompany us beyond this
This is the limit of family life.
Look after Kunti and her sons
l shall take your leave now
l, too, will come with you mother
Allow me to do so
How can l allow you to do that?
You are bound to the throne
This is your renunciation
This is your worship
But the Kuru throne is now secure
Have you looked into the future?
Do not forget that you can die at will...
...not live at will
You are bound to the Kuru throne till death
Till then, live!
Living is difficult O Bhishma
Look after the family because... you are the eldest
May you live long!
Be victorious!
Come Gandhari
Why are you so tense?
This crown!
Looks like it will slip out of my hands again
The crown cannot be the only aim in life
You will not understand this pain
lt can only be understood... some one who has lost a thing dear to him
l can never forget this bitter truth of my life...
...that l am the eldest son
l cannot forget this Gandhari
Did you meet Kunti?
l am going now
l had come to ask for your permission
Why do you need my permission?
You are the queen
The palace is under your control
Look after Kunti well
You are the eldest
Her sons are my brother Pandu's heirs
Look after them well
They should not feel orphaned...
...and living on Duryodhan's left-over love
Why should they feel that?
After all, Duryodhan is their brother
That means nothing!
l am actually the eldest Kuru son...
...but now Yuddhistir holds that position
He is the eldest son
l was explaining to Duryodhan that...
...Yuddhistir is his elder brother
But you know how stubborn he is
You, too, explain to him
When l could not explain to myself that... injustice was done when Pandu was crowned...
...because l was blind and unworthy of being King... can l explain this to Duryodhan
He is not even blind
Why don't you allow this old wound to heal?
What can l do?
The wound refuses to heal
Think of it Gandhari!
Duryodhan has always been told...
...that he will be the king after my death
l, too, have told him that
His entire education was towards that end
So, how can l tell him that...
...Yuddhistir is his elder brother...
...and so now he will have to prove his worth...
...before he lays claim to the throne?
But why do you think my lord that...
...he will not be able to do so
Today, he is ahead of Pandu's sons...
...and he should remain ahead
What if he doesn't?
lf he doesn't...
...then it will prove...
...that he is unworthy of the crown
lt is a matter of Fate!
Fate again!
Why does Fate keep crossing my path?
You cannot erase your line of Fate
Does this mean that...
...l am not responsible for my Actions?
No. lt does not mean that!
We are responsible for our Actions
Fate is merely a mirror...
...which reflects what is before it
The Fate Line does not bind man
lt is the story of his life
So, my lord, do not accuse Fate for your Actions
Do not preach to me Gandhari
Give me your support
Do not leave me alone with my ambitions
Sometimes l fear myself
No descendant of Bharat should be afraid
lt is not good to be too ambitious
Do not think of Yourself as Duryodhan's father
Think of yourself as the King of Hastinapur
To do justice is your duty
Say your prayers and go to sleep
Mother has asked us to sleep Bhim
How can l sleep when l am upset... Duryodhan's bad behavior
But that is the way he is!
To forgive is divine!
Forgiveness is a weapon which has no equal
You should think of food
That only makes me hungry
You will never improve
My respects!
Where's Kunti?
ln her chamber
What's this Kunti?
Why? l have a right to your blessings
But what's this?
Why did you not call me instead of coming yourself?
l came to see if you needed anything
Are you comfortable?
What are you saying Sister!
l am not a guest
l have returned to my own house
Come. Come in
Come Sister. Sit here
Your return has brought joy to this house
lf you need anything... not hesitate to ask the maids
Why should l hesitate?
By giving me this chamber you have satisfied my needs
l had come to this chamber as a bride.
No Kunti. Tears do not solve any problem
You have to rear Pandu's sons
You do not have the time to cry over yourself
l also wanted to apologize...
...for Duryodhan's bad behavior
Do not say that!
lf you apologize to me l shall have sinned
No. Kunti. He should not have done...
...all that he did
Your sons have come to their father's house
They have as much right to live here as Duryodhan
l have not returned to establish my right
l have returned to give back the family...
...its heirs
What rights they have...
...only the elders can determine
You are the Queen of Hastinpur
My sons are now in your care
Don't say that Kunti
lf God's blessings remain on this family...
...your sons will definitely get justice
Yuddhistir is the eldest Kuru son
l will not say that l do not grieve for Duryodhan
Of course l do
Like every fond mother l wanted... see him crowned king
But that cannot alter the truth
And the truth is...
...that Yuddhistir is older than Duryodhan
But it does worry me...
...that my brother Shakuni...
...that his heart is not clear
l cannot explain this
l am afraid that he may mislead Duryodhan
There should be no misunderstanding between brothers
l will not allow... five sons to be misled
l do not have your will power
Probably even Death does not have... antidote against Shakuni
Pray Kunti! Pray!
Yes Sister!
Hail to the king's Justice... well as his injustice...
...which King Dhritirashtra
...has been done to his own son Duryodhan
My lord your name will go down in History... letters of silver and gold
But l will not allow this injustice...
...against my nephew
What can l do?
Should l ask Kunti to take her sons back to the forest?
l did not say that
You will have to look after your brother's orphans
But there was no need to give them high hopes
By doing so... have sown the seed of ambition in them
Kunti will eventually become Queen, my brother
You should have thought of your son...
...before giving so freely of your affection
Bhishma is protecting the country's future
So you will have to protect your son's future...
...because he is still a child
Besides, just think
How can Pandu's sons who have stayed... the open air among the Sages... happy in this crowded palace?
They will never be happy and satisfied here!
The palace will seem like a cage to the free bird
But Kunti told Gandhari
...that they are all happy here
Don't talk of Gandhari
She does not know how to think and differentiate
As for Kunti, she had to admit that
Even then...
...the Pandavas have an equal right to the palace
They have no right. l will kill all five.
l can't sit with Bhim
And that Arjun! What does he think?
Climbing on to Grandsire's lap with dirty clothes
They are not worthy of the palace
My child, do not get angry
Learn to bear your father's injustice
Take some rest my king
But never forget... hold on to your throne at all costs
Come son!
My respects Uncle!
You seem to be lost in some deep thought
Don't you know the reason?
Today Hastinapur is on the doorstep of the Future
Aren't you lost in thought nowadays?
Don't you have doubts?
Can you not see that the values...
...our ancestors had nurtured to create a strong society...
...are crumbling today?
Politics has become blind...
...and the king swayed by temptation... encroaching on the rights of others
When the gardener himself finds his flowers unworthy...
...and wants to nurture the other flowers... the cost of one bud then what is the...
...future of the garden? Another sad thing:
That bud, too, will die an untimely death
lf the farmer finds fault with his own product...
...what will happen to the farm?
That is the question which keeps haunting me
l am dissatisfied with the present... ...and worried about the Future
Time is a flowing river
lt is we who have divided it into...
...Past, Present, and Future
Today's Past was Yesterday's present...
...and today's Present will be tomorrow's Past
l am not talking about the philosophy of Time
l am talking about harsh reality
When the present becomes the Past will be History
Now we are the characters of the present... our roles
But shouldn't we know what roles we are playing?
You have always told me...
...that the beauty of life is...
...that we knew our Future then Action...
...would have no meaning
Man is the only creature...
...who has a choice of Action
What should l do?
Desert Dhritirashtra?
How can l say that?
l know that... have already...
...made you choice
Should l close my eyes?
Ask yourself this question...
...and answer it yourself...
...because l cannot answer it
Pick an auspicious day...
...and send the Pandavas to Sage Kripacharya
Now go!
l wish to be alone
With your mother? May you live long!
Don't bless me thus mother
l am already bound by my father's blessing
Do not be sad Son
Sadness has no limits
What are you so sad today?
What can l say mother?
l am mourning those values...
..which have been murdered before my eyes
l am mourning the erasure of the line...
...drawn by our ancestors between Truth and Untruth
l am weeping at harsh reality
The throne l had promised to protect... serve with sincerity... being insulted by Dhritirashtra's filial love
Greed has closed his mind's eyes...
...and Ego has replaced intelligence
And l cannot give the Pandavas...
...anything more than my love and blessings
Do not sadden yourself Son
Then what should l do?
Whenever you are restless, come to your mother
You are yourself a learned man of this era
You know there is only one staircase...
...which goes both up and down
And however high the staircase goes... always has an end
When societies and cultures reach the top...
...they have to come down
And when they do so, values are trampled upon
values which were once treasured
To escape falling they hold onto...
...whatever comes their way
Politics, too, is a part of this cycle
This era will witness the decline of lndia
But there is no need to be sad...
...because Man knows how to survive
Remember son to get nectar you have to churn the ocean
The first output of this churning is poison...
...and somebody has to drink this poison
You are born to drink this poison my son
That is your Fate!
The King's duty is different from politics
The king who forgets his duty...
...and walks on the path of politics...
...will definitely stray
He will have reached the realms of Ego
The essence of God which is in Man... killed by this Ego
Therefore, a king must know about politics... much as his duty
The question is:
How does one define a king's duty?
Where there is duty there can't be temptation
The two are incompatible
Temptation is blind...
...whereas duty is Light
What does this mean Duryodhan?
Duty requires no help to...
...walk on the path of Righteousness
With the acquisition of Knowledge...
...of what is right...
...and what is wrong... other help is required
Never forget this
Temptation is the king's enemy
lt can make him forget that...
...he is not the owner but the representative
My father, my son, my friend, my enemy
This self-centeredness is a...
...doorless prison without any escape
Like God, everyone has a right on the king
lf the king is in the prison of temptation...
...then he cannot help anyone.
My respects O teacher
My blessings!
My respected uncle has sent kind Pandu's five sons... your service
There is only one king in Hastinapur...
...King Dhritirashtra and l am his son
-l'll thrash him -No
l, the king's nephew, Yuddhistir...
...humbly greet you
May you live long...
...and acquire learning...
...and prestige
You are all welcome here
Come children sit next to me
l will sit here
You'll sit where you are
That is your place
Yuddhistir is the eldest Kuru son
He will sit here
That's why it was kept vacant
The king has called you
l am leaving this place and the others... your care
Come Vidur
Tradition, Ethics, Knowledge, Humility...
..are the four doors to a good mind
Only he is worthy of love...
...whose heart is generous