Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Tips & Tricks (Episode 18: Use Application Monitor To Save Battery Life)

Uploaded by Lucidmike78 on 18.11.2012

hello everyone I'm Michael from the daily note 2 youtube channel and welcome
to another episode of galaxy note 2 tips and tricks episode eighteen and today i
wanna show you a quick tip on saving a lot of battery and it is all about using
widget called application monitor so where to get it is go to your widgets
and it should be the first one available
just select application monitor and put it somewhere
that you're likely to see it pretty frequently
so I just put it right in the middle of my home screen
you should definitely put it where you could
run into it fairly often
and what this keeps track of is
applications in the memory
now a lot of people have said
you really don't need to manage the applications in your memory it's all
taken care of by the android os
and just let it do it's thing and
you won't save any battery by closing app
so i don't completely disagree will what they're saying but i believe you should
still learn and get familiar with exactly what's happening in the
as you can see the application monitor has changed color and it might even
actually turned red
and that's when you need to take care of the problem right away
if you look inside there's
going to be an app that's taking up a lot of
and let's see what it is
you could see that it is Asphalt 7
for some reason this game
it does not do well if it's just sitting in memory
i know it is paused and i'm not actively using it but as you can
see it up to
almost five percent
this game particularly whenever you're not using it you should definitely close
out of it
and let me just show you a good usage tip that
you may or may not be aware of say that you have a
gmail open
say you have gmail open
and if you hit the home button it keeps it in memory
you could see that gmail has showed up
and it's keeping it in memory
okay but let's go back to the email app
and if you hit the back button
of any app it actually closes it out
if you look here and you could see that the gmail app has been closed now
should you do that with apps like gmail?
it depends on your usage apps like gmail, face book,
if you tend to use those apps maybe a couple of times an hour
it is more draining on the battery if you close the app and open the app
for those light apps that you use very frequently you should just keep it in memory
for example let's go back to the gmail app
if you do use this often
just hit the home button and just keep it in memory
the direct opposite of that
you should have learned by now that
this app in particular there's other 3D games running in the back

as you could see virtual tennis
it is
sitting well in memory and we could resume the game and then game runs
and when that game is sitting in memory it virtually takes up no cpu
asphalt seven game
that we resume
and then we hit home
and we forget to close it
it is taking up considerable amount of battery so
remember the proper way to
close apps is to hit the back button
so go back to the app
close a back button and you probably
if you do have the time to do this you should close at the proper way
just keep on hitting back until you
could exit out of the app
you could see that you could
close apps here
you could do End all
get rid of all the apps and you could hit
on the apps individually
i think the preferred way of doing it is
by holding the home button though
don't use application monitor just hit the home button
and swipe to close apps that you're not using
this one's already closed but it's still there
you could see we were playing virtual tennis let's just close out of
that by doing a quick swipe so let me show you that
those apps that we swiped are gone
so i wanted to talk about this
just having the knowledge of how things work
it should affect your behavior
so you should get used to hitting the back button
for closing apps
when you know that you're not going to use that app for a while
and hit the home button for apps
that you use often that you come back to very frequently
there will be exceptions for example maybe sometimes it's amazon
app store apps for some reason
it takes up a lot of cpu behind the back
you just happen to use that app frequently
just remember to close it i want to show you just one last trick if you
do want to exit
all of the applications at once
just hold on the home button and there's this trash can icon just hit it
okay and that is end of this episode if you haven't been to my channel

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