Formattare e installare nuovo sistema operativo impostando il BIOS ( Windows 7)

Uploaded by TBtechOfficial on 27.06.2012

In this guide we will see how to format a computer, by following simple procedures.
The first thing to do is get the OS disk to install for windows can buy from electronic stores for linux instead burn the downloaded ISO to a DVD.
In this video we will see the installation of Windows 7 that still comes to installations of other operating systems.
Place in the DVD player without starting anything setup.
In the second step we have to save files or programs more important. Obviously if you want to format all without saving anything you can skip this step.
If the data store are so many I recommend a portable hard disk or partition, if the quantity (data) is small enough to a pendrive or a DVD.
To save any serial programs already installed you can use the program SoftKey, where just click on SAVE and choose your destination text document containing all the serials.
Now we have to change some BIOS settings, it represents a set of functions that provide information to access to hardware and PC peripherals
To access bisognia crush a particular key in the moment in which it appears the logo of the brand of your PC
This button changes depending on the PC but generally uses f4 f2 or del, otherwise do a search on google.
nce in the bios go in the boot and try the approach that manages the execution priority of the start, and bring option cdrom first
Without going into this section Exit and save settings
After you restart press any key when asked to boot the dvd.
Now the screen will appear asking you where you usually language and in some cases information on the devices.
After you've clicked on in this case we find a screen in Windows 7 that allows us to format our system
we just go to the item after you select Custom, and the disk containing the system, click on format.
Once this process click on forward and wait for the end of the installation.
Before finishing the video I suggest you follow the next ladder to complete the best arrangement of the PC when you have finished formatting.I greet you and look to the next video.