Wegmans Pot Stickers with Cabbage & Snow Peas

Uploaded by wegmansfoodmarkets on 20.12.2011

Snow peas are first on my list
for pot stickers with snow peas and cabbage.
You can buy them bulk or in a package like this
where they´re already trimmed on the edges
so you don´t have to do any work.
But really, they´re pretty easy.
They´re also called sometimes mangetout
which is a French word meaning ‟eat everything”
and that pretty much describes it,
you eat the whole thing: the pod and the little peas inside.
They´re great as a crunchy veggie snacker
or you can even cook them by blanching them
or steaming them.
With cabbage, you have lots of choices.
This recipe happens to call for Savoy cabbage
which is one of my personal favorites.
It´s very similar to regular cabbage,
maybe a little milder, it cooks down a little bit more quickly
and it has this wonderful curly texture to the leaves.
A pot sticker is a thin dough wrapper
that´s stuffed with, oh, could be a number
of different ingredients.
These happen to be filled with pork
and tender all natural veggies.
You can use this as a main course
as we´re doing today.
You can even enjoy them as appetizers if you want.
Okay, I´m starting out with a cold pan.
I already have in here a half a cup of water
and a tablespoon of vegetable oil.
I´m adding the pot stickers flat side down to the pan.
And when they´re all in, let´s put on the lid,
turn the heat up to medium high
and bring it to a boil.
Now that it´s up to a rolling boil,
put the lid back on, reduce the heat to medium
and continue to cook that for about five to eight minutes
until most of the liquid is evaporated.
Okay, it´s been about eight minutes.
Now I´m gonna remove the lid.
Most of the liquid has evaporated in the pan.
I want a little bit of a browning
on the bottom of the pot stickers
so I´m just gonna leave it right in the pan
and let that continue to brown without moving them
for another couple minutes.
Alright, they´re nice and browned on the bottom,
not burnt but just lightly browned.
This is exactly the way I want them to look.
So let´s finish arranging these around your serving platter.
Okay, we´re gonna set that aside for right now.
Let´s go back to the skillet.
So without doing anything we´re gonna add
about a half of a tablespoon of the vegetable oil
into the skillet and just swirl that around a little
to make sure that we´ve covered the whole surface
of the skillet.
And to that we´re adding our snow peas
and our cabbage.
Once that´s all in there, I´m turning my heat up to high.
We have the cabbage and the snow peas in here
and I´m gonna continue to cook this
or just stir-fry it by just tossing it gently
for about two minutes.
After a couple minutes, the veggies will start to wilt.
And they might have a slight amount of browning on them,
that´s okay, that´s exactly what you want.
At this point, I´m going to add a half a cup of water.
You´ll hear a nice sizzle there.
And three quarter cup of stir-fry sauce.
Pour that all in.
And you´ll immediately want to stir that in there
to blend it well with all the vegetables
and to continue to cook that, tossing it around
for another four to five minutes or so until the vegetables are cooked
but still crisp-tender.
It´s been a few minutes and the snow peas are bright green
and still a little bit crisp-tender.
So they´re just the way I like them.
So let´s transfer this over to our serving platter.
This is a great, quick and easy,
one-pot, weeknight meal.