Mountain Biking Big Bend Ranch State Park - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Uploaded by TexasParksWildlife on 08.12.2010

This is an overwhelming experience
when you come out here for the first time.
You just really feel as if you're on the edge of the earth.
There's no other place like it in Texas.
I'm the fitness writer for the Austin-American Statesman,
I'm working on a story for my column about what it's like to
mountain bike in Big Bend Ranch State Park.
Ready to go?
Ready to go. Let's go.
I'm a little nervous, I guess (laughs)
It's jagged and rough
and just seems Wild West to me.
But it's beautiful too.
The whole route, we're doing 108 miles over 4 days.
and camping out at night.
Big Bend Ranch State Park is the biggest state park that we have
in the state of Texas. It's 310,000 acres and about
388 miles of road, trail, route.
We have a lot of trails.
Big Bend Ranch State Park is a very big place
and there are a lot of opportunities.
Sweet, guys, look at that view of the Chisos in front of you!
It is challenging in places, it's smooth in places.
This is awesome!
What I love about Big Bend Ranch is it has a little bit of everything.
Oh, look at that, you got it.
About a mile and a half left.
Getting out on a mountain bike just lets you cover more ground.
It's about all there is to do out here. If you don't like the outdoor
stuff you might as well go back to the city.
When you're on a mountain bike, you don't have to go but 100 yards
and you can probably find something that's pretty technical.
[bike rattling]
Some of those spots on our main road are kind of challenging.
There's parts where I walk, and I hike my bike and it's okay to do that.
[music stops]
You okay?
I think so.
I'm going to go do it again.
Okay. Good idea.
[bike rattling]
Oh yeah! We're gonna make it!
We survived our first day on the trail. It was very challenging.
Can I get a tow from here?
Now I feel pleasantly pooped out,
and I'm going to sleep well tonight, I know.
It was awesome.
[fire crackling]
A lot of people think it would be crazy to come bike in the desert.
[bike tire]
But it's very magical to me.
Check out the view!
I think in the next 3 to 5 years this will be the mountain biking Mecca
of Texas if not the southwestern United States.
It's very very beautiful.
Prickly stuff and tarantulas everywhere. (laughs)
This is kind of like what I pictured Texas to be when I was a little kid.
Another day in paradise.
It's just nice to see that there are still wide open spaces.