PASS - Peer Assisted Study Sessions

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If you're a top performer, or if you could just do with some improvement,
you'll benefit from the skills and understanding that you get from PASS.
PASS stands for Peer Assisted Study Sessions.
It's a new program at Deakin - and it's about students supporting students.
PASS student leaders run study sessions to help the students to engage with the subject content.
They also get to develop study skills that can help with other units too.
Our student leaders are not tutors and PASS sessions are not tutorials
We're trained to help the students work collaboratively.
It's about being active, it's about enjoying your learning
and it's about asking questions.
What I love about PASS is that all the sessions are run by current students
who have successfully completed the unit
so they have the knowledge and they know what it takes to succeed.
At the same time, they've been trained to make the sessions relaxing and casual.
The best way to explain PASS is this -
a one hour session full of lecture reviews, games, problem solving,
mock exams and heaps more.
You're able to benefit from our experience
because we share with you the things that helped us achieve in the unit.
Things like time management, organizing your notes, what's good to read before the lecture
and how to use the referencing guide.
But we won't give you the answers. Instead, we help you to find the answers
by redirecting thinking and helping you to help yourself.
It's way more rewarding.
So why did Deakin choose PASS?
We know that PASS is a program that started 30 years ago in America
and has been in Australian universities for 10 years.
We know that a lot of research has been done
and that research suggests that the more PASS sessions you attend,
the better your results will be.
You become an independent learner if you come to PASS.
You can make new friends at PASS.
It's not just for local students, but for international student as well.
You can feel free to ask any question at PASS.
No question is silly.
PASS usually targets traditionally difficult subjects, so it's not remedial.
I like PASS because it gives me creative ways to learn not just rote learning.
I'm in law but it's good for all subjects.
I like PASS because the stats show that the more often students come to PASS,
the more likely they are to improve their marks,
and one hour at PASS is like working at home alone for three hours,
so you had more time to do other things.
It makes you feel confident enough to keep trying the subject.
You can keep going and you don't have to give up.
PASS sessions are held every week and in a variety of units
so they are available for a lot of students, so it really make sense to be part of PASS.
To find out more and see if your unit is supported by PASS go to
See you at PASS.