Workout Tip - Use this for Pulled or Sore Muscles

Uploaded by theworkoutcorner on 26.01.2012

bjbj Workout Tip - Use this for Pulled or Sore Muscles [Intro][Poster] >> Ryann: Hey
what s up guys? It s Ryan from and it is a great day for working out. I am
going to talk to you about something I use to help kind of alleviating aches and pain
I may have from, you know, pulling or tweaking a muscle at the gym. But before I do that
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So what do you do if you go to the gym and you end up tweaking a muscle or pulling a
muscle or you have not gone to the gym yet but you are getting ready to start because
you have been watching my videos and you want to go to the gym. [uhhmmm] But you have some
type of a pull or strain muscle that is bothering you and you say to yourself Well I m out of
the gym I cannot go Not true my friend. [uhhmmm] I actually was introduced to this from gymnastics.
The guy, actually and he some kind of had a bad shoulder from rings and when he pulled
this stuff out. I mean not only clear your sinuses. [pause] [uhhmmm] But one time I hurt
myself and use it and I say Wow, this stuff really works! , so I have used it ever since.
And what it is, is a Tiger balm. [pause] Okay and it is a rub [Tiger Growling] That was
weird. [uhmmm] It is kind like a paste rub thate you put directly unto your muscles where
it sore and it kind of really burns and then whooof [snorting sound] It is like going to
my sinuses. Now, it does not smell bad. It is just strong and powerful, you know, that
is why we use it. So, it really helps to heat up the muscles, get more blood flow to it.
I mean, what I m sure of is, if my back hurts or something hurts, I put this on it and it
feels a lot better. So, it is a great thing to keep in your gym bag. You know how important
that is because you have watched the gym bag video. [uhmmmm] You know, it is not something
to use over a muscle that is injured and you should not be working out period. It is more
of, if you tweak your back a little bit but you still want to do some bicep curls or something
else but you know it is painful, you slap some of this on the back and that goes away
and goes to your bicep curls, get bigger arms, problem solved. Hooray. [pause] So, keep this
in your gym bag. If you keep your gym bag in your car just be mindful that, you know,
that this going to be affected by the weather. So, if it is really hot or really cold outside
you might remember to take this inside with you so you don t lose a can of it. Nice thing
too is it does not stain your clothes so you do not have to worry about that. So, there
you have it. If you are interested and want to try it out you can pick some up on Amazon
I will put the link below or you can just Google Tiger balm they are in stores all throughout
the world. Cool. That is all I got todayust a quick little tip for you. If you have any
questions, put it on the comment section below. Be sure you subscribe if you have not already
so I will if I will make more videos and click the Like button below if you found this helpful.
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