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Next, we have news about ShinHwa Group.
ShinHwa Group is in dire straits because of the sudden collapse of Chairman Goo.
The ongoing construction of the worldclass resort city is now in jeopardy.
They're saying that they see this crisis as an opportunity, and the global ambition for the world-class resort continues to move forward.
Shinhwa Group heir, Director Goo Joonpyo is overseeing this particular project directly
The world's eyes are on ShinHwa's heir, Goo Joon Pyo.
There's still no news from him?
It has been six months.
No matter how busy he is, shouldn't he at least give you a call?
Does he not get in touch with F4?
I think he is just being careful.
I think they are all busy.
He's probably full of himself now that he's in college
Hey, even without looking its obvious
He's probably so into girls, he's not even thinking about how his friends are doing
He's probably not able to concentrate
Hey, why are you acting like a country bumpkin?
I've been to the Blue House too, you know.
Hey, what's with the cook always sleeping?
Look at the state of this restaurant! Tsk, tsk, tsk!
That old man came again.
Grandpa, what can I help you with today?
Shin Seol Ro. (Korean royal cuisine)
Shin, shin, Seol Ro?
What's that, grandpa?
You're too much, really.
Grandpa, why do you ask for things like that at a porridge restaurant?
So far you've ordered Ja Jang Myeon, Mae Gi Mae UnTang and . . .
Gua Me Gi, Sam Hab and . . . . What was that?
Tang... Tang Pyong? What was it?
Ah, Tang?
Looks like you youngsters take after the chef in your ignorance.
It's Tang Pyong Chae, you idiots!
Ah, Tang Pyong Chae . . .
Don't think of talking back to an elder. Just bring the food out.
grandpa, does it taste that good?
Good?! What are you talking about?
I'm just forcing myself to eat it since it's already here. Couldn't you see that?
Forcing yourself like that, you might end up eating the bowl.
Tell the cook that this serving ware is wasted on his food.
He's not the cook, he's the master (chief manager).
I don't know what you're saying he mastered.
It's raining outside but you didn't bring an umbrella, right?
Make sure to bring it back next time you come!
The more I see you . . .
the more you seem like a lotus.
a lotus?
Do you know why a lotus blossoms in mud?
That's your homework for next time.
Jan Di,
Listen closely.
To what?
He's not one to talk nonsense.
Got that?
Ahh, what the heck! Really!
Master, tell us.
It's not like you to play twenty questions.
Come on?
[The Blue House's chef, "Bom Seong Chan"]
Noona, doesn't this look like Joon Pyo hyungnim?
Look. The curly hair and the lips . . .
It doesn't look like him at all.
Is that guy as cute or as cuddly as this doll?
The kitty would get mad if it heard.
Of course, it doesn't look like him at all.
Master Joon Pyo looks more like a tiger.
isn't that so?
Noona, does your shoulder hurt again?
No, it's all right.
My shoulder hurts too.
Working, bent over like this every day.
Ohh, it really hurts.
At least Jan Di gets to swim and loosen it up.
Honey, we can smooth out the kinks for you.
Kang San, let's do it !
Okay ...
AAHHHH! Kang San! Lightly. OWWW!
Softly, Kang San.
It hurts, it hurts. Kang San, softly.
It's not like you went to space or something. Would it kill you to call once?
You! Just wait 'til you get here . . .
You're dead.
I will come back soon.
Just stay there and wait for me.
I love you, Geum Jan Di.
Yes. It's me.
Ehh . . . really?!
Mom! Dad!
What's with all the screaming this late at night?
You must have finally gotten a call from Master Joon Pyo.
Mom, Dad, they said you got a job!
- Oh god! - What?
Yes, I'm Geum IlBong.
Yes, yes . . . thank you.
Yes! Yes! By 8:00? Okay!
Okay! I understand! We'll be there!
Yes, manager.
Thank you.
Please make sure they don't find out.
Embattled by appointing Kang Hee-Soo as chairman,ShinHwa Group insists that this crisis will turn into opportunity...
...their ambitious global projects are moving forward
Good job.
Are you all right?
Uh, eh . . . yes, I'm all right.
Thank you very much
Why are you just standing there?
Did you see a ghost or something?
Pinch me.
Ah! People say they like live, moving sculptures.
They really are.
You still haven't gone to the hospital?
I went. I already went.
They said it's nothing.
What is this?
Okay, say it now.
What you want to say to Joon Pyo.
There's a way to get this to him.
It was hard to get in touch with him after the funeral...
But this time it will definitely get there.
This is so sudden.
I don't really have anything to say to him.
Okay, begin!
I can't do this sort of thing.
Goo Joon Pyo,
Can you hear me?
I've been thinking of you every day since you've been gone
but why is it the only times I can remember is when we fought?
But isn't it strange . . .
Even though i can only think of the times we fought...
Whenever I think of you, I smile.
Goo Joon Pyo,
you're doing well, right?
When are you going to come fight with me?
You find me irresistable don't you?
There's yet to be a girl that hasn't fallen for me after seeing me like this.
Who's fallen for who?
I came here because I have something to say.
About Joon Pyo and Jan Di?
Tell me...
you still haven't changed you mind about
waiting for the one person of your destiny?
That doesn't have anything to do with this.
Do you think Joon Pyo is really Jan Di's partner in life?
Eternal partners or soulmates? Can that be right?
That . . .
Miss Ga Eul, you're applying your beliefs to Geum Jan Di
What do you mean?
If it were me, I'd use that time to search for my own soulmate.
Though ... I don't really know if such a thing exists.
It seems like I shouldn't have come here
So I'll take my leave.
Sunbae, you believe in it too, don't you?
That uncertained true love that you'll spend the rest of your life with.
I think that you also believe that such a true love exists.
They say a strong "no" is "yes".
I think I get it now.
Sunbae, you do believe that it exists
You're scared that it does maybe exist
Why is that?
Don't act like you know everything about me.
For the first time, it feels as though you're just like everyone else.
It's a good thing I came here.
We'll talk about Jan Di next time.
Well, Goodbye.
Enjoy your meal.
Half of the appeal in the nine combo platter comes out in its look...
But look at this color! The color!
it looks delicious.
You two can try it too.
It's delicious!
You! Did you do your homework?
Homework ?
Oh, the phone's ringing...
Ji Hoo sunbae?
Just a minute.
Aigoo, all I've done was ruin my appetite.
Excuse me...
What shall I make for you next time?
what do you mean next time?!
The one dish that you're most confident in making.
One that you feel is even more superior than the dishes of your father.
What's wrong?
There's a place you have to go.
You'll know when we get there.
Your shoulder is badly damaged...
Why didn't you get it checked out when it happened?
If you start treatment right away, you won't experience any future difficulties
but swimming is . . .
I know...
That I'm not pretty,
not smart,
And that I don't have money.
But ...
there was just one thing ...
that i liked more than anything else...
and I was good at...
They say I'm not supposed to do it anymore.
I'm never supposed to swim again.
What am I going to do now?
What do I do from now on?
You can start searching again, for something else you like.
Sunbae, you have your music...
Yi Jung sunbae has his pottery.
Goo Joon Pyo and Woo Bin sunbae will be inheriting businesses.
Everyone is following the road that they were meant to take.
But I don't know what I'm supposed to do now
I'll help you.
I'll help you.
Let's find it together.
Sit down.
It was because of me.
That accident.
I can vaguely remember that...
I was in the backseat, playing around.
And I covered my father's eyes when he was driving.
They said they wrapped their arms around me to protect me
Everyone said it was a miracle.
And eventually, Grandpa
stopped coming to this house.
He probably didn't want to see the grandchild
Who killed his son.
At that point,
she took my hand and helped me start over again.
that person.
Now, I think ...
It's my turn.
What are you doing?
Is this all you were capable of (for showing love), sunbae?
Go after her!
If she can't stay here with you then you should go to be with her!
If you really love her.. is waiting around the way you'll show her how much you love her?
Can you still say you love her after all this?
Ga Eul, I made this new dish. What do you think of it?
Well ...
This has to do well.
Is it good?
Um, can you give me an advance?
An advance.
Jan Di, is your dad in trouble again?
I just need it for something.
How much do you need?
₩ 2,000,000($ 2,000)
What are you going to with 2 million won?
for a plane ticket.
plane ticket?
Are you by any chance . . .?
Jan Di,
Don't you see this?
For a flower boy, his skin is his life.
But mine became rough because of stress.
I'd love to give it to you if I could...
But I can't before this becomes a hit.
If I sell one, I can get 500 won, right?
If it's 100, 50,000 won($50).
If we sell 1000...
500,000 won($500)!
Guys, here.
What does the ES mean?
Enjoy Selling.
Healthy abalone porridge, here!
Tasty abalone porridge!
Nice, warm abalone porridge!
Would you like to try it?
At this rate, can we sell all this today?
Sir, have some porridge!
Have some porridge.
of course!
Yes, yes.
Please go inside.
Have some nice, warm porridge inside.
Thank you!
Would you like to try one?
I'm sure you'll like it.
Good job.
I think you should do the count, Jan Di.
I didn't know that...
we could make this much money.
But, I didn't earn all this money all by myself.
Is it okay for me to keep it all?
You can keep it.
It was pretty fun for us, too.
But . . .
Why did you guys come here all of the sudden?
There's some place that you need to go with us.
Swimmer, to your mark.
Get ready.
From now on . . .
Right now...
We will begin Swimmer Geum Jan Di's
retirement ceremony.
First, we will present our distinguished service award
Hmmm, distinguished award...
ShinHwa High School's distinguished service award is presented to Geum Jan Di...
Based on
her natural nosiness and
the weed spirit
as the only student with special ability in swimming at the fiercely prestigious aristocratic ShinHwa High school
especially with the specialty of taming F4 and Goo Joon Pyo
she is second to none
thus raising the standards for her sportsmanship and therefore awarded the Distinguished Service
by Korea's F4 members.
Geum Jan Di,
an ending means another beginning.
You know that, don't you?
Now go to Macau, to Joon Pyo,
and give it to him good.
Thank you!
Jan Di,
have a safe trip.
I will.
Hey, come here!
One hundred dollars to Macau, okay?
$100? Taxi?
$100, very cheap.
Macau. Yes?
Wait, wait.
19,700 won?!
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
Thank you.
It`s too expensive! How can I ride a taxi for 19,700 won?
Bus. BUS!
Bus, wait!
Wait, bus. Bus, WAIT!
Thank you.
All of this is Goo Joon Pyo's?!
They say this is the place to be, but now I can really feel it.
Where's the entrance?
Goo JoonPyo!
This is for VIPs.
I come to meet Goo Joon Pyo.
Joon Pyo.
We can't have the public gather here, please step outside.
We're going to need you to leave the premises.
Meet Joon Pyo.
Goo Joon Pyo.
Goo Joon Pyo!
Hey! Hey, hey!
It's true!
Just ask him!
Okay, I get it. I'm leaving, I'm leaving.
Goo Joon ...
How much?
Nine Dollars
Thank You.
Mmm. It's good.
Can I try this please?
Wow, this is it...
How much?
How much?
Give her wallet back while I'm still being polite about it.
W, wal, let, my wallet!
Ohh, thief!
He's a thief!
Are you Korean? Thank you.

Stay put.
Hey, you!
You speak English?
I'm a black belt holder of TaeKwonDo.
You know? You know TaeKwonDo?
Come on, just let her go while things can still end well. You're just making things worse..
Why don't you hurry up and let go of her?
Your crime is getting more and more serious,
before you were just a thief, now you're holding someone as a hostage.
Go! Go away!!
Ahh, what a really annoying man.
I gave you a chance, okay?
If you blame me later, you're really a loser, got it?
When I say 1, 2, 3 bite his arm and run!
Don't you know Korean??
Yes. Of course I know.
1, 2 . . .
Oh, wait a sec!
Do I bite after the count of 3 or on 3?
You're a real funny one, aren't you?
One, two, three! Now!
You're dead!
Your wallet. Thank you!

Come on, let's go. If we get caught it's going to be a pain for us.
It's him.
I don't know how I can thank you.
Now I know what it's like to meet another Korean when traveling abroad.
This is your first time abroad?
It's my first time by myself.
Why Macau?
I'm looking for someone.
Ahh, it must be your boyfriend.
Ahh, yeah, kind of...
I envy you!
Well, it's not always something to be envious of.
Ahh! That's right.
Honey, you were going to buy jerky, right?
Follow me.
Mmmm, tastes good.
Hmm, very delicious!
One is ten dollars?
If I buy ten, can you give me a discount?
How about seventy dollars?
No way, no way.
Hey, I'm not buying it then.
I'm not buying it then.
Ahh, okay, okay, okay, very well then.
Ten pieces.
Okay, 70 dollars then.
I saved $30 off the price by buying yours and mine together.
See, there's no business that can't be negotiated
It was nice to meet you!
Be careful.
You can say that again.
Hey! Wait!
Can I at least know your name?
Me?? Jae Kyung. Ha Jae Kyung.
Oh, Ha Jae Kyung!
Is this a hotel or a cathedral?
I'm sorry. Are you okay?
Oh, OK.
He didn't see me . . .
Even if he did see me, he probably thought it wasn't me.
Yeah, of course, it's weird that I came to Macau all of a sudden.
It's weird.
That's really weird . . .
It's weird, weird, it's just weird.
Are you okay, young master?
About what?!
Just now, Geum JanDi . . .
When will the JK group be arriving?
If that goes wrong,
the old witch might just kill me,
so please take care of it.
Hotel! Cheap!
Cheap! Ssayo, Ssa! (I'ts cheap)
You have a cheap room?
That's all right, I'll carry it myself.
Oh that's all right. I'll carry it.
Oh, it's okay. I'll take it for you.
Ohh, follow me.
Hey, hey!
Hey! Hey!
You stop, right there, do you hear?!
You! You are so dead!
Hey !!
Hey! Hey!
Stop! Stop!
Give me back my bag!
I have
a little brother like you,
so I will give you a chance.
So will you give me my bag?!
You! Idiot!
Ahh really! Do you really want to die?!
Let go! LET GO!
Ahh, this is really!
What's this?!
Looking at you, you're probably worth 3,000 at most.
If you're obedient, it'll make things easier for you from now on.
If you're obedient, it'll make things easier for you from now on.
Ohh. Ahh! Help-pp me!
Help me!!! help me!! Ahhhh!
Help me! Goo JoonPyo!
Do you guys know "Il Shil Hweh"?
Are you Prince Song?
I'm sorry...forgive us.
Forgive us.
Hurry! Get lost already!
Let's go.
What's going on?
I just knew.
I just knew you'd be crying like this...
JoonPyo must be really busy.
Even though we're here, he's not able to rework his schedule.
You don't think he's actually matured after all this time, do you?
Remember, his father passed away.
even if he did mature, it couldn't be helped.
It's just hitting me, but it feels kind of sad...
What does?
He's not part of F4 anymore.
He's now the owner of the ShinHwa Group.
Hey, Jandi, what about you?
Were you able to meet with JoonPyo yet?
I haven't met him.
He looked really busy and stressed.
How could I meet with him?
Then how do you know that he's busy and stressed?
Ah, that . . .
A hunch, just a hunch.
He has to take care of all this.
It'd be strange if he weren't busy.
In any case, I'm sure we'll eventually get to see him...
While we're waiting, should we loosen up a bit?
Okay! Let's go!
Let's go.
Manager Kim
will report the rest.
When the reports are finished.
Alright sir.
You should make a bit of time
for your F4 friends..
Will you take out your time and meet your F4 friends?
Am I really that free?
Do you think I want to change my schedule
and play around with them?
Apart from that, that guy
really has gotten weird.
Whatever he has to say I came to hear it directly from Goo JoonPyo.
I have to meet him.
Are you telling the truth?
I was always this kind of person,
I was just pretending not to be.
Hey, ugly girl there,
Buy me some ice cream!!!
Give me this one day.
JiHoo, do you like her?
When JiHoo looks at the girl, he smiles.
Get on my back.
Because of you, I've done many things that I never would have done.
So now . . .