Online Business Ideas - 3 Tips To Find A Profitable Idea

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The title of this presentation is called The 3 Simple Steps To Find Unlimited Profitable
Online Business Ideas In Less Than 4 Minutes. A few things that you're going to learn inside
this presentation are, number 1, how to come up with unlimited profitable online business
ideas that can maybe help you quit your 9 to 5 job. Number 2, how to test your idea
before you sink a dime into your new business. Also I'm going to show you a way how you can
get up to $200 in free ads. Number 3, I'm going to give you a list of proven internet
business models that require or no technical skill to get started. So why am I doing this?
My family and friends were always asking me, someone that knows internet marketing and
makes a full time income online to evaluate their ideas. They would have all these ideas,
and they really didn't know how to start, if it was even a good idea to begin with,
and kind of how to develop and evaluate that idea. After talking to more than a handful
of people I figured that they weren't the only ones that needed help in this area. So
what I decided to do is actually make a short video that explains the process that I use
to determine if an idea has a shot of turning into a real business. Before we go forward,
lets just take a minute to examine what's possible and maybe answer some questions that
you're having. Probably the most popular question, the most common question, that people have
about making money online is: is it really possible to do, with little or no experience?
And the short answer to that is yes, but as you can see I included an asterisk next to
it because there is a catch. The catch is that 95% of people, there are studies that
show this actually, more than 95% of people that try internet marketing never make a dime,
and actually lose a lot of money in the process. I'm not saying that to scare you, but in a
way I am because I want you to use the formula that I follow for quickly testing if an idea
will work, long before you spend time and money. This step of testing and researching,
is the the step that most people miss. Or they do it improperly, and it costs them a
lot of time, money, and frustration. So make sure you do this part right. And, let's take
a look at a few examples of companies that have gotten this right. These are not typical
by any means, but I want to show you, give you some inspiration of what's possible, for
someone that's just starting out. The first example is a company called DoDo Case. Actually
I'm not sure if I'm saying that right. But it's basically it's a case for an iPad that
looks like a book or looks like something else. It disguises your iPad, in a sense.
This company was started a little while back, and in the first few months, they've gone
over 1 million dollars in revenue. Another company, called FlockStocks, they now are
doing $100,000 per month. And, the internet has created a very unique opportunity for
really anyone that is young or old. You can now start a profitable business online no
matter what your age is, what your current level of income is, or your background, your
religion, your race, your creed. Whatever it is, it really doesn't matter on the internet.
Anyone nowadays can start a legitimate online business that helps people, if they follow
a proven system. Let me just say, it's easy to get carried away with an idea that might
work in theory, right? Everybody has a great idea. But, often these online business ideas
are unrealistic and miss the big picture, which is what the customer wants and will
actually pull out their credit card and pay for. And, I realize this is an oversimplification
of a relatively complex topic, but at the same time, when you boil everything down,
everything comes down to the customer. And, what they will act on and pay for, right?
So, the three steps to developing your idea and testing it, to see if it can actually
can turn into a viable business are: Step #1: does your product solve a problem or fill
a need? So ask yourself, are people actively looking for a solution to this problem? And
if they're not, chances are your product or service, whatever you're selling, might be
a complete flop. And there's a quote by Zig Ziglar. He said if you help enough other people
get what they want, you will eventually get what you want. And that's so true in the world
of marketing. everyone wants to convince other people of their great idea when in reality
the best, the best strategy here is to go out and figure out what people are already
searching for, what they already want, and then figure out a way of how to help those
people solve their problems. The three categories that I always start with when I'm identifying
a niche, and this is especially helpful if you have no idea with the idea of the business
that you want to start, start here. Start with the big three. As you can see from this
slide, those are the broadest categories, right? For example, in health, you could break
that down into mental, physical, emotion categories. And you could go even deeper than that. For
example, under physical, weight loss, muscle, training for marathons. Those are all sub,
sub categories of the big health category. And from there, you can break it down even
further. You can keep going and design a weight loss product designed specifically for women
in their 40's or women after they've had a baby, or whatever it is. So if you're confused
on where to start or if you want to work within what's called the big three in the marketing
industry, the three biggest categories are health, wealth and relationships. Step number
two, before you make the investment mistake of investing thousands of dollars you need
to make sure you actually have a viable idea. And this is something a mistake that I've
made on more than one occasion mainly because I was too eager to get my product out because
I was convinced it was going to work. But if I would have just done my research I would
have saved myself a heck of a lot of time and money that I could have been focusing
on other products or services. So, what you need to do is you need to one of the strategies
that I like, one of the strategies that I think is the best for determining whether
or not an internet business will work is called commercial intent. And what does that mean?
In my mind, the definition of it is the likelihood that your prospect will buy or pull out their
credit card for whatever that thing is you're selling. So for example, take these two keywords
buy running shoes, which in my mind has commercial intent. Compare it to something like free
running tips, which has low commercial intent. So if you type either one of those phrases,
buy running shoes or free running tips into a search engine like Google you're going to
see different results. The quickest way to determine if there is commercial intent for
your product simply to type in that keyword phrase into Google and add a few variations,
whatever you're trying to sell, whatever the description of your product is. Type five
or six of those into Google, and if there's no advertising to the top or right side then
and it will say this is an ad right next to it, if there's no advertisements it's a warning
sign. Okay, so lets move on to step three. Cheaply test your idea and what you want to
do is cheaply test the validity of your online business ideas. This is where the rubber meets
the road so to speak and not doing it in a way that's significant or accurate can actually
call you thousands or millions of dollars either in future investments of time or money
or what's known as opportunity cost. And if you're unfamiliar with what opportunity cost
is, it's basically the cost of taking an alternative action, and this is according to,
is the cost of an alternative that must be foregone in order to peruse a certain action.
So in other words if your tests don't pan out there's really no shame in moving on to
the next thing. Preferably you want to run through the series of research steps than
I'm explaining here to validate that there's actually money in this niche to develop into
a business. And if there's not, there's really no point in beating your head against the
wall and trying to turn something that really has no hope into a business. You might make
a little bit of money, but the point is your time is better invested somewhere else. And
that's the point of all these tests. To cheaply and quickly determine if there's actually
a market for your product or service. And a really cool quote that I think of a lot
actually, comes from a guy by the name of Benjamin Disraeli. And he said, next to knowing
when to seize an opportunity the most important thing in life is knowing when to forego an
opportunity. So, if you really want to test your idea, if you really want to put it out
there and see what happens, which is the best way to test an idea of course is to see what
happens in real life, which is often very different than what happens in our mind. So
what you need to do is setup a simple website that briefly explains your product and gets
visitors interested in taking action using what I call the Persuasion Formula. And I'll
go more into depth in this in a second, but for now lets keep going. And what you need
to do is search the internet for free vouchers for advertisements where you can send clicks
or traffic to your page. And what I would recommend is using something called PPC which
stands for pay per click and not CPM. Because you want to guarantee that people are visiting
your page and you want to make sure that people are actually clicking on your ad which in
itself is an indication that people are interested in whatever you have to sell. Right now, or
after this video if you prefer, go to Google and search for the following. Free google
ad voucher or coupon, you can replace voucher with the term coupon. Free adcenter ad voucher
or coupon. Free Facebook ad voucher or coupon. Free ad voucher or coupon.
And something that I do is I search for all these phrases in Google but I choose, I only
search within the past month. And you can do this by going to the left side of Google
after you search. Click on search tools and it will give you a drop down box which is
going to say give you different time periods to search. And I only search in the past month
mainly because these marketing promotions for different companies like Google or Adcenter
or Facebook give away free coupons to advertise, these change all the time. So it's best to
just search things that have been presented in the past month or past three months. Alright,
what to do next. Remember our goal is to quickly, cheaply, and accurately test the validity
of our idea. Doing the research and testing wrong is in my mind one of the things that
contributes to a 95% plus failure rate amongst new internet companies. Obviously if you get
off on the wrong foot and you're selling something that nobody really wants or will pay for it's
really hard to turn that into a viable long term business than can support you and your
family. So people that are massively success follow proven formulas. And some of them I've
mentioned in this and some of them I go into detail into the free executive training that
I've created. And what I've done is I've put a lot time and effort into creating this workbook
that explains a lot of these things in detail. It's really hard to go into too much depth
in a short Youtube video, so that's why I created the workbook. And here's what you're
going to learn when you get inside. The persuasion formula, which is something that I mentioned
briefly, is an 8 step system for selling more stuff without being a sleezbag. And it's very
simple, even if you've never sold anything or you don't like selling. It's worked for
me in the past and it works for many other people. It's been tested over time and it
delivers results. How to create a free website, even if you've never created one before and
if you have absolutely no coding skills. I'm going to show you a place where you can create
a free website and how to do it if you've never created a Wordpress site or created
a blog. If you've never done any of that, this is for you. I'm going to give you a list
of proven internet business models which is a list of business niches, I shouldn't say
business niches, but niches in general that consistently make people money. I'm also going
to give you a list of specific steps of what to do after you've found a winner, so I'm
going to give you specific simple strategies for growing your business into an empire after
you've found that winning idea, and I'm going to outline all the things that people do wrong
when they're to trying to grow that business into something that's sustainable. If you
want to get your free workbook click on the link below this video in the description or
go to Again you can just click on the link below
this video. It's the first link in the description and that will take you to the website where
you can get your free executive training and workbook which explains all these things in
detail and will help you develop your online business ideas into a real legitimate business.