PCC and Camp

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Growing up in a family of migrant farm workers is hard. You move a lot and may face language
barriers, poverty or a multitude of other hardships so when it comes to education, going
to college often just isn't an option.
It wasn't always easy for me, because growing up I always had big gang influences.
It was scary, you know? New life, new people. I didn't know anyone
when I moved over here.
I had five foster kids. I had my son. I was a single mother,
and I was 20 back then, so I wasn't even thinking about college.
Until...CAMP. The College Assistance Migrant Program at Portland Community College.
Created through PCC in 2006, CAMP helps documented students from migrant and seasonal farm worker
backgrounds overcome these barriers and excel during their first year of college. Providing
a wide range of support, CAMP offers the help and encouragement these students might otherwise
be without.
The thing here with CAMP is they have a staff of people that are going to help you. They
extend their hand out to help you and they're going to be there for you.
You can do whatever you want, as long as you have people that help you, as long as you
have a network around you that's moving you in a positive way.
It just...kind of opened my eyes to realize what I want to do in the future.
And with an eye on the future, CAMP has established the Fund for Excellence Campaign and Scholarship
to ensure the continued growth and success of CAMP students beyond their first collegiate
year. Your donations to the fund will help purchase books, supplies and bus passes, and
will have a profound impact on programs such as Parent College Day, the professional Mentor
Program and more.
I'm in my second year. I'll be starting my third year and I am sooo happy.
Now that I'm in CAMP, so many opportunities have come up.
I do feel like I've improved as a person.
I have more direction. I know more of what's out there now and how to go get those sorts
of things.
I'm so grateful, really...
CAMP rocks!
CAMP's success stories are truly inspiring and with your help they will only continue
to grow in numbers. Every student deserves the chance for a quality education, and your
donation can help make that dream a reality. Take this opportunity to give to the Fund
for Excellence, and change someone's future, today.
For additional information about the CAMP Program please call our CAMP office or visit