Assist tool for using chalk line when marking plywood

Uploaded by HomeRemodelWorkshop on 09.01.2010

hi about that with a remodeled workshop
we all pretty much carry the same thing in our tool baluch
%uh as basic mainstays in a tape measure chalk lines the square
and pretty much anything custom to whatever they're going to happen to be doing that day
now if you do what any work that requires any long talk lines are any she could works
plywood drywall anything like that
%uh there's another to live but you had your house this is right here
looks like a baked potato chip bag older but i'll tell you what you want to live without
it which is sort of a network let me tell you what it is and what this is called is
is called of the line
and basically it's this spring love it
with the couple of parties stops in here
but if you slide it over piece of sheet goods
you get slighted talk line on this or look at tape measure on to that
in in get those loans that dangles without having to ask for help or death
without having to put in e mails and the edge of the wood that to have a tendency to come
out when you get to the other pretty much all you have to do is to press that ted's
slide this over until the party's stops at the back of the material
in that line is these three the old hands up just perfectly even with the edge of the
great for run in the top line outpolls the real stable you to walk around the board with
the chart going to make it work
put right to earmark
simply take your chalk lines
drop it into the holder
and you're off go around the board to the other side here at goldwater
it holds it nice and tall and stable
poll it as strong as you'd like to get a nice cost line it also works great on the edge
of the bowl
if you want to measure from one marked a second markey said police look at a video tape measure
know that group
the go-ahead pull it off and get your second more yet another simple but effective tool
that they could make your life just a little bit easier to cut any she could %uh then better
of this sent me a half a dozen of them I said I'm out with some friends of mine called me
give me their input
and %uh to a man they all like the men thought they were really useful
but if you're interested in purchasing one
I don't have a contract for how to do that
i'd like you to movie you are in %uh
talking to people with her on google and I'm sure that it'll come up with the results that
will tell you where you can go buy more
I'm Bob shrum of ramallah workshop
thanks for watching we'll see you next week