Cheryl Barker: Da Geht Er Hin from Der Rosenkavalier (English subtitles: press CC)

Uploaded by operaaustralia on 30.05.2011

There he goes, the puffed-up, worthless creature!
He gets himself a pretty young wife and a tidy fortune,
imagining that he is the one who bestows the favour.
But why do I upset myself? It's just the way of the world.
I also remember a young girl, straight from the convent,
who was forced into holy matrimony
Where is she now?
Yes, she seeks the snows of yesteryear.
That’s easily said, but can it really be that I was once “little Resi”
and that one day I’ll become "the old woman"?
The old woman... the old Marschallin.
"Look, there goes the old Princess Resi!"
How can that happen? Why does God allow it?
While I stay the same.
And if God must do it like this, why does He let me watch it happen so clearly?
Why doesn't He hide it from me?
It is a mystery, a great mystery.
And we are here to endure it.
And it’s in the how that makes the difference.