The Hurricane (4/10) Movie CLIP - The Hurricane Defeats Cooper (1999) HD

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[ Cheering Continues ]
This is yourringside commentator.
Tonight's _ght brings together Rubin ''Hurricane'' Carter from Paterson, NewJersey,
andJoey Cooper, who is currently undefeated.
Yeah! Way to go, Hurricane!
And the champion,Joey Cooper, seems to be helpless...
against Rubin Carter, the challenger.
You got him!
Things have taken a surprising turn...
in this middleweight fight tonight.
1oey Cooper in big troubte, Rubin Carter pouring it on.
left hooks, right hooks, uppercuts-- Oh!
[ Ringside Announcer ] He did it! Oh, look at this!
What a disaster for Cooper!
Carter is punishing him. He's gonna--
Oh, he is down, folks! He is down for the count, and he is not getting up!
- Five, six, - Come on! Get up!
- seven, eight, nine-- - Get up now! Right now!
You're out!
Rubin Carter comes on like a hurricane...
and defeats the undefeatedJoey Cooper in round one...
ofthis middleweight fight!
- l don't believe it! - Unbelievable upset tonight!
Have you ever seen anything like it?
- And the crowd is going wild here... - [ Sighs ]
- in Reading, Pennsylvania. - [ Muttering ]
Rubin Carter took this _ght right away from him here this evening.