Interview with Dendi @ ESWC 2012 (with Eng subs)

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on 03.11.2012

Hello everyone!
We’re on the ESWC tournament now.
I’m talking to a very interesting player
Daniil Dendi
How do you feel about ESWC?
Really great! We’ve got a cool hotel
The conditions are perfect.
There’s no rain outside
Did you manage to practice yesterday?
If I’m not mistaken
Have you played with Shiba?
Yes, we played 2 games.
Have you won?
What do you think about the club where you were training?
It’s pretty good.
As well as the hotel and it wasn’t raining too.
Once Puppey said in his interview
that you can’t play with Invoker
Because you don’t know how to use it
against different teams.
What about now?
Are you ready to play with it?
No. It’s very weak so we can’t play with it.
To tell the truth we can’t play
using different strategies
As we don’t have much practice.
That’s why we use those strategies we’re sure of.
Talking about your preparation
You haven’t had the bootcamp
before the tournament
No, we hadn’t
Usually you have it and you feel
that you’re in a good shape but
What about now?
It’s cold. Very cold.
As for now we made a deal to go here
without the bootcamp.
I think we’ll manage without it.
The competitors’ list isn’t so dangerous
Many teams didn’t come here and
The teams’ skill is very low.
What can you say about that?
Our experience shows that
We shouldn’t underestimate our opponents.
As they can show a good performance
So the skill is ok as usually.
Once you told us that
You like playing with strong teams
As you can feel confidence in this case.
Is it true?
I told that it was more interesting for me
When there are a lot of strong teams
To have a competitive spirit.
In other case it’s boring for me.
What can you say about the picks?
BatRider is often taken.
How do you feel about him being a favorite in picks?
He’s a super hero.
In Dota 1 he was really powerful
In Dota 2 he wasn’t so strong because of some nuances.
Now they were solved and he returned his power.
But not in the full amount.
Which heroes would you always put on solomid?
Which ones are you used to play?
Always? I don’t know.
Let’s talk about her.
You never take Desolator for her, why?
Is Crystalis much better?
The matter is that Desolator is efficient is he’s picked quickly
If you need to wait for a while to buy it, it may not be so efficient.
Crystalis is cheaper to pick
It costs only 2150 gold
If critical strike triggers, you do a lot of damage.
Taking into account that you can splash him as well
It’s really a lot.
It’s a cheap item which gives you burst damage
Have Puppey prepared any special tactics for this tournament?
The tactics of 5 rockets.
To be more specific, the tactics of 4 rockets and trenches
Against whom?
We used it but it wasn’t successful.
I don’t know what we’ll do next.
Maybe we’ll play with it again.
Tell us a few words about the last game
versus French team, you’ve just played.
I think you were killed for 9 times
It looked like a pub, what was that?
I hear it for the 1st time
I was killed only 7 times in one game
I think they don’t like me but I can’t understand why.
Maybe I’m wrong.
Maybe they consider you to be the strongest gamer?
They are mistaken.
Who’s the most dangerous player in your team?
XBOCT is the most dangerous.
Fun question
After StarLadder you were dancing
with the talisman of zNation
On the next StarLadder you were doing OiOiOiOi
On the International you were performing Gangnam Style
Do you have something special to show during this tournament?
I don’t know.
Is it spontaneous?
Of course!
Ok, thanks for the interview.
Thank you.