Local survivor of Colorado theater shooting gives first interview

Uploaded by Fox2k12 on 08.11.2012

of this year. a man
wearing a full suit of body armor walked into a colorado movie theatre - with several
guns. and opened fire....killing 12
and wounding dozens of others. in that
crowd...san antonians--brent lowak and
jessica ghawi ...jessica didn't make it out alive. but brent...a
selfless young man...tried to save his
friend as the bullets flew, despite being badly
wounded himself. brent now lives in
bulverde and has never spoken publicly about that terrible
night, until now. tonight news four
woai's jaie avila talks to lowak about recovering from scars
- both physical and emotional. :11-:15 :25-:28 :40-:44 1:58-2:09 2:59-3:07
he's lost a lot of weight... and
his steps are still wobbly.
brent lowak will tell you, recovering from a gunshot
wound is not easy like in the movies.
BRENT LOWAK: I'm getting better a day at
a time, that's all I can do really. My recovery
hasn't gone as smoothly as projected,
some things aren't healing up quite as right and that's set
some things back. in the almost four months since the
aurora theater shooting stunned the nation brent has focused
on healing. he hasn't done any interviews because it's
difficult to think back on that night-- when a
lone gunman named james holmes
opened fire on a packed auditorium watching a midnight showing of
"the dark knight rises". BRENT LOWAK: To be
perfectly honest, in the theater, all I saw was a silhouette,
that's really all I could make out. brent was sitting the
sixth or seventh row, next to his best friend,
jessica ghawi, whom he was visiting.
the two met while going to smithson valley high school and
jessica had moved to colorado for a new job. brent lowak/shooting
survivor: heavy sigh...
She was an amazing
person... That
friendship evolved into
a great relationship to the point where she was like a
sister to me. jessica was shot in the leg, brent
was hit once in the buttocks. brent had trained
to be an emt, and as he struggled to apply
pressure to jessica's wound, she was
shot again, this time a fatal head wound. I did everything
that I could to try and help my friend,
ultimately, it was beyond my control, and accepting that was challenging,
but we were just in the wrong place at the
wrong time. brent eventually crawled out
of the theater, and before he was
even taken to the hospital, he called jessica's mother, sandy phillips.
He gave us a gift that night, had he not called
we would have been with the other 11
families having to wait for a whole day waiting to find out what happened to our daughter.
brent admits to struggling with feelings of
guilt for having survived, but
jessica's parents, who he is now living with while going to
college, reassure him that they consider his actions that
night heroic. sandy phillips: We know that
he did
everything he could
for her, we know he knew what to do for her and was
in the process of doing it,
when that second bullet
hit her... ...So what do I think of this
man, I think the world of him. whispering
I love you.
Love you too. brent says he's
trying to focus on the happy memories with jessica to get
him past the physical and emotional trauma.
and he's determined to embrace life again, the way she did.
jaie avila news four woai. ad-lib
despite his injuries, lowak hasn't given
up on being a
firefighter and e-m-t. he tells us he plans to finish his
degree in fire science in the spring.