Spotkanie Google+ z Wojtkiem Szczęsnym.

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It is my great pleasure to welcome all of you to our first official hangout on Google+.

Wojtek Szczęsny is with me today. All of you know him.
And we also have our Google+ users here.
I will introduce them now: Ola Hallman, Tomasz Konarzewski, Tomasz Majer,
Marcin Zabielski
as well as one primary school, Mrs Anna Siporska
and Primary School No. 14 Orląt Lwowskich in Ostrów Swiętokrzyski.
It’s a bit noisy here since there are over 100 journalists behind this wall.
We are in the middle of a press briefing in Lienz in Austria.

We hope that everything will go well, according to our plan, as we have expected.
So let’s get to the round of questions now.
The first question will be asked by Tomasz Majer. Go ahead Tomasz.
My first question: can I call you by your first name or should I address you officially?
Call me please by my first name.
Ok then, Wojtek – my question is: Is football more your passion or your profession?
And do you practice any other sports in private, not professionally?
I am one of those fortunate people in the world for whom passion is also a profession.
It is neither the first thing, nor the other, passion and profession are combined together.
Do I practice any other sports?
When I was a child, I used to do ballroom dancing, however, I am not going to present it now.
I used to do athletics as well but I like playing golf recreationally the most.

Thank you Wojtek. Now maybe the second Tomek. We have so many Tomeks here. My name is also Tomek if you remember.
>>Hello >>Hi Tomek. It is time for your question now.
I will refer to yesterday’s training. Could you repeat this wonderful goal you scored yesterday?
Is it already available on the Internet?
I was trying to find it, really, but I didn’t manage. Could I repeat it?
Yeeees. I can do it 10 times out of 10. Have you seen it?
>>Me? Yes, of course >>I have also seen it. >>Wow you’ve found it hard to believe yourself.

Honestly, I have tried to score such a goal for 10 years and it was my first time when I did it.
I was lucky that the camera was on and thanks to it you can watch it now.
However, will I be able to do it once again? I sincerely doubt it.
Good, thank you Tomek. Now I would like to ask Ola about her question.
Can you hear me well?
>>Yes, of course, even very well. >>You look good, Ola.
I am happy that I can talk to you today. I would like to ask about the atmosphere in your locker room.
Do you feel a little bit nervous before the first match or is there a relaxed atmosphere?
Generally speaking we have a nice team here and nice atmosphere.
Of course once we are in a locker room just before a game, we are all concentrated.
We try to talk, give each other hints and discuss what are we going to do on the pitch.
But generally the atmosphere is pleasant, nobody is tensed and bothered about himself,
however, we try to support each other. Atmosphere is good.
Thanks Ola, thank you very much. Is this a sufficient answer?
Probably it is.
>>Yes, yes. >>Fine, now let’s ask Marcin about his question.
It seems that Marcin could not join us.
It is Ola speaking, I am a moderator of this hangout
so I will ask a question on behalf of Marcin so that we can receive an answer from Wojtek.
Wojtek, the question is: Do you listen to music before matches to stimulate or increase your concentration? If yes, then what kind of music do you listen to?
Yes, I listen to music. By the way, it is my the only superstition before a match.
Many footballers have their own superstitions like they need to put their left shoe first, then the right one or the other way round.
My only superstition is that I listen to the music before matches and particularly to the same track.
It is Carlos Santana and I won’t change it since I believe that it brings me luck. I don’t know how, but I believe in it.
Any particular song?
Samba Pa Ti , for example
And maybe I will add something here:
when we were leaving our hotel for the today’s briefing and meeting with you,
Wojtek sat at the piano and played some beautiful pieces.
>>No, no >>Yes, it happened. >>It was a playback >>Yes
So we would like to see it on the Internet as well
No, no
Ok, now we would like to ask the last participants with their last question. Hi guys!
>>So, have you got any questions? >>Yes, we have
So, what questions?
We hardly hear the primary school, can we do it a bit lauder?
Which grade did you like best when you attended school?
Did I like going to school? I will need to deceive you now.
I Liked it.
Let me put it like this. I’ve never been particularly good at school,
because I have always devoted much time to football.
But I liked going to school. I had great classmates. I’m still in touch with my friends from primary school and middle school.
Later, when you get older, you will find out that school is actually useful, so…
learn, learn foreign languages in first place.
Besides, I was one of those who couldn’t wait for the class to be over.
Everyone felt the same, me too, so no need to fool ourselves.
Which grade was my favourite? My final grade at the middle school, because it was my last grade in Poland and I was leaving for England.
Have you got any other questions?
Did you get any behaviour notes in your record book at school?
You know what, you ask difficult questions.
I should be politically correct here and I shouldn’t admit it now.
Did I get Any behaviour notes?
Yes, I did. I was rude. I truly regret it, I confessed my sins many times, do not follow my example.
>>For what did you use to receive these behavior notes?
For what? For example, I played football during class time and my teachers didn’t like it.
Generally mostly because I was simply rude. I liked being naughty.
Or because I wasn’t prepared for the class. I never did my homework and it was my biggest drawback.
Thank you very much
And can I now ask the primary school a question?
So I have a question. I can see a boy with long hair at the back of the classroom.
Oh, exactly, this boy. Do you play football?
>>Yes >>Are you a goalkeeper? >>Yes

You’re lying, you aren’t a goalkeeper at all.
>>Is that true that he is a goalkeeper in our class?
You see? You guessed correctly.
Would it be possibile for me to send my signed gloves to you? Is there such a possibility?
Fine. So we will contact somebody who will send them to you on my behalf. OK?

Fantastic. Ok, thank you very much.
Thank you very much
We’re waving to the camera. Let’s sum up.
>>Thaaank youuuu
Listen, we need to go, we are having a meeting with UEFA. >>Good bye
and we’d like to invite you for tomorrow >>Gooood byeeee
Tomorrow we will be back again. Wojtek won’t be present, however, we will meet with another footballer… Join us!
>>somebody less exciting
...and less handsome
Thank you!