True or False

Uploaded by xelor on 23.09.2012

Ghosts are real
Love is forever
Eyeballs never grow
Gerard Way has cancer
Cold water burns calories
People die in threes
Cristiano Ronaldo is gay
Chocolate has insect legs in it
Dogs can't eat chocolate
Girls don't poop
Hippo milk is pink
An apple a day keeps the doctor away
Adam Sandler died
Georgia pays for college
People can have powers
Men marry their mothers
Men can't multitask
Cell phones cause cancer
Dogs can see ghosts
Penguins mate for life
Hitler was partly Jewish
Girls like jerks
Kate Middleton has a brain tumor
Guys like short girls
Condoms have tiny holes
Hillary Clinton is gay
Everyone has a talent
Katy Perry is pregnant
All roads lead to Rome
People with braces are better kissers
Bruno Mars got arrested
Dogs are color blind
Oprah is going to die
Im on your Facebook profile
Pepsi is contaminated
Opposites attract
Abraham Lincoln is a vampire hunter
Lemon kills cancer cells
Disney bought Marvel
Drinking cold water is bad
Great minds think alike
Mr. Rogers was a Navy SEAL
Bananas help period cramps
Justin Bieber has a baby
Prince William is going to marry
Only female mosquitoes bite
Men like curvy women
Caffeine stunts your growth
He loves me
Atlantis sunk
Goats eat everything
Mercy Johnson is blind
Cold water boils faster
Drake and Nicki Minaj are married
Dogs see in black and white
Baby carrots are dipped in chlorine
Hair grows back thicker
People are born gay
Prepaid cell phones are untraceable
Burglars can sue homeowners
Kim Kardashian has never pooped
Hindus drink cow urine
Chocolate gives you pimples
Formspring is revealing
Beyonce had her baby
Gum stays in you
Nicki Minaj is bald
Girls like bad boys
Eminem is dead
Female reindeer have antlers
Facebook is going to be hacked
Post Ume is cancelled
Air kills sperm
Katy Perry used to be a Christian singer
An astronaut is weightless in space
Chocolate kills dogs
God created the world
God exists
Nothing lasts forever
Power corrupts
Eminem has cancer
Kevin Jonas is getting married
Butterflies taste with their feet
Congress made pizza a vegetable
Google pays people
AT&T bought T-Mobile
Miley Cyrus does drugs
Elvis Presley died on the toilet
Curd reduce ur weight
Bugs live in your eyebrows
Kissing comes naturally
Abraham Lincoln was gay
Babies can be born with teeth
Mormons wear special underwear
Girls are smarter than boys
Piolo Pascual is gay
Everything is bigger in Texas
Aliens exist
Earth will be destroy in 2012
Lil Wayne is gay
Glen Beck is a Mormon
Eminem has a crush on Rihanna
Lobsters don't die
Puberty is starting in younger people
Ears never stop growing
Elephants are afraid of mice
MSN is going to charge
Nice guys finish last
Kissing is healthy
Demons exist
Fergie has Aids
Midgets have night vision
Cameras add 10 pounds
Pizza is a vegetable
Antibiotics weaken birth control
Friends come and go
Celebrities sell their souls
Facebook will end
Love has no boundaries
Bananas give nightmares
Bret Michaels is bald
Beyonce has bad breath
Chris Brown beat up Rihanna
Google is shutting down
Lady Gaga was found dead
Muslims build mosques where they conquer
Dogs have no sense of time
Kangaroo means: "I don't know"
Freddie Starr ate a hamster
Einstein failed math
Neil Patrick Harris is gay
Hitler died
Muscle burns fat
Anyone can sing
Pigs are smarter than dogs
Kanye West is dead
Drake died
Drunken words are sober thoughts
Everyone has cancer cells
Cats can see ghosts
Mules can't reproduce
Nevershoutnever broke up
French people are rude
Ex-boyfriends always come back
A duck's "quack" doesn't echo
Onions attract bacteria
Coffee makes you short
Marriages are made in heaven
Australians hate Asians
Kevin Jonas is engaged
People swallow spiders
Flies live 24 hours
Goldfish turn white
Michelle Obama is pregnant
Kris Humphries is gay
Macs can't get viruses
Ceramic braces take longer
Diarrhea is a sign of labor
English has the most words
Beyonce is in labor
Michael Jackson is alive
Hugh Hefner died
Justin Bieber is a dad
Kentucky is haunted
Love never dies
Ciara was a boy
Girls stop growing
DBSK might break up
AT&T covers 97% of America
Opportunity only knocks once
Coca Cola has blood in it
Female sperm live longer
Once a cheater, always a cheater
Osama Bin Laden is dead
Eminem sold his soul
Elephants are mammals
Earth will end
Laughing gives you abs
Hannah Montana is pregnant
Lobsters mate for life
African-Americans have one extra muscle
Elephants sleep standing up
Animals can sense pregnancy
Pluto exploded
Demi Lovato does drugs
Obama is a Muslim
Apple is giving away iPads
Blondes have more fun
Green M&M's make you horny
Ciara is a man
Aliens have visited earth
Egg whites are good for burns
Gingers have no soul
Khloe is not a Kardashian
History repeats itself
First love never dies
Demi Lovato is pregnant
Everyone has a twin somewhere in the world
MSN Messenger won't be free
Adele died
Princess Kate is pregnant
Dirty hair grows
Crocs are edible
Money can't buy happiness
Google is hiring
"By" is an adverb
You are listening to classical music
Love exist
Drunk people tell the truth
Hippos are more related to dolphins
Cranberry juice cleans
Humans are made of star stuff
Good guys finish last
Cold water speeds up metabolism
Conkers keeps spiders away
Daddy Yankee died in a car accident
Cracking your knuckles causes arthritis
No elements exist in molecules
Love never fails
Asian men are small
Beyonce lost her baby
Glass is a liquid
Dolphins save people
Hitler had one testicle
All spontaneous processes are exothermic
Cows have four stomachs
One of the Munchkin hang himself
Kangaroos don't drink water
Chris Brown has Aids
Babies are born on full moons
Parallelograms are rectangles
Bill Cosby died
Apple seeds are poisonous
The funniest people are the most depressed
Lice like clean hair
Phones cause brain damage
Marilyn Monroe was a size 14
Eddie Murphy died today
Prova died
Eyes never lie
Hello Kitty is from the devil
Morning dreams come true
Lipstick contains fish scales
Chinese eat fetus
Eminem and Mariah Carey dated
Boys are smarter than girls
Portugal sells Ronaldo to Spain
Laughing is good for your body
Missy Elliot is dead
Guys like the chase
Kristen Stewart is smoking weed
Keyshia Cole is pregnant
Human minds are linked
Lightning never strikes twice
Imitation is the highest form of flattery
Man landed on the moon
Lemmings jump off cliffs
Breaking a mirror is bad luck
Casey Anthony is adopting
Blondes are dumb
Popcorn is the healthiest snack
Babies are born without kneecaps
Atoms combine to form compounds
Our brain makes us
Pluto is no longer a planet
Ne-Yo is gay
Bananas are good for cramps
Im ugly
Michael Jordan died
Plants are solar-powered
Blood is blue
Mozart helps you study
Avril Lavigne is dead
Mermaids exist
Keanu Reeves is gay
Native Americans are prone to alcoholism
Vampires exist
Bow Wow is dead
Miley Cyrus smokes
Nothing rhymes with "orange"
Hair grows faster in the summer
Facebook is going public
Atif Aslam is dead
Akon is dead
Toothpaste gets rid of pimples
Your pupils get bigger
Obama is the Anti-Christ
Muscle is heavier than fat
Celery has negative calories
Life begins at 40
New moon is coming out
Neil Armstrong landed on the moon
Obama legalize horse slaughter
Nose and ears keep growing
Barbra Streisand has cancer
Megan Fƒox is a man
Pigs can look up
Ozone is always toxic
Babies can see ghosts
Katy Perry is getting a divorce
Left handed people die earlier
All men cheat
Gay men pay no taxes
Left handed people are more creative
Kel loves orange soda
Abraham Lincoln was color blind
Hell is in the core of the earth
Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are married
Charlie Sheen is dead
Brittany Murphy died
Obama's suits are made of cheese
Hurt people, hurt others
When flies land they puke
Cristiano Ronaldo had a baby
Harry Potter is dead
Kissing burns calories
Neil Armstrong became a Muslim
Grasshoppers have white blood
Nelly has Aids
Nazis made soap from Jews
Obama smokes
Pantene is bad for your hair
You ate us
Lady Gaga is a hermaphrodite
Michelle Obama had an affair.
Boys are attracted to vanilla
Humans eat spiders in their sleep
Grease is bad for your hair
Drake left young money
Boys don't cry
Polar bears have black skin
Oprah had a baby
Asians eat dogs
Kate Middleton is pregnant
Planet X is a planet
I love McDonald's Milkshakes
New Yorkers are rude
Paraplegics need help to fart
Ants never sleep
America owes China
Americans are stupid
An elephant never forgets
Beyonce gave birth
Futurama is coming
Paul the octopus picked Spain
Lemon juice cures acne
Poodles don't shed
Grits kill ants
Australia was originally populated by criminals
Black people can't swim
Obama was born in Africa
Facebook is changing to timeline
Love hurts
George Washington has wooden teeth
George Washington never told a lie
Keyshia Cole's mother died
Dog saliva is antibiotic
Bread makes you fat
Everyone is related
Girls periods sync
Everything happens for a reason
Love finds you
Most people have herpes
Prince Royce is gay
Heart stops when you sneeze
Paranormal activity is based on true story
Green tea burns fat
Menthol cigarettes are worse for you
Angelina Jolie is pregnant
Kim Kardashian is pregnant
Kim and Kris are getting divorced
Pork has worms in it
American girls are easy
Dogs have the cleanest mouth
Cats hallucinate
Milk is bad for you
Goats eat tin cans
Eddie Murphy is dead
Hannah Montana is dead
French women don't shave
Lil Wayne worship the devil
Eminem died in a car accident
Calico cats are always females
Lil Boosie died
Cannibals don't eat clowns
Lady Gaga worships the devil
Kristen Stewart is pregnant
Mountain Dew kills sperm
Pope John Paul is in hell