Searching for Fake Drugs

Uploaded by VIAGRA on 22.08.2011

You enter search for cheap Viagra - pretty close to 100% you're going to find a site
that is intentionally selling counterfeit medicines.
What we wanted to do was mimic closely what the average patient experiences when they
go online to buy brand Viagra. So over a week’s span, we went to two popular search engines
and we tried to purchase brand Viagra by using the term ‘buy Viagra’. We assumed that,
what does a typical patient want to do? They want to buy Viagra? You’re gonna type in
‘buy Viagra’.
We wanted to see when someone specifically asks for brand Viagra, what do they get? How
many of these sites offering authentic product will actually send you authentic product.
Once they received the product we forwarded the product over to our testing facilities.
The results from these tests were astounding. The vast majority, upwards of 80% of the product
that we received was counterfeit.
A couple of weeks ago, we got these tablets in our lab and I could tell by looking at
them that they weren’t authentic. One of the common things that we see in counterfeit
Viagra is calcium sulfate. It’s basically gypsum, wall board, sheet rock. They use it
because it compresses well. It holds the tablet shape.
Most patients don’t know what they’re getting into. These are just unregulated wild
west manufacturing. Nothing like what you would get from Pfizer, absolutely nothing
close to it.
There are a number of websites that offer legitimate medications and consumers can find
those sites very easily. You can go to our website at and search
a list of legitimate pharmacies online and you’ll have all the information about that
pharmacy that you need., where it’s licensed, where it’s located, who the pharmacist is
, what products they dispense and other information that you would normally want and access as
if you were using a brick and mortar pharmacy.