Little Man Under the Arm - Duck's Breath

Uploaded by KollegeTV on 27.10.2010

doctor I think what we've got in there is a broken plants to normal all the evidence
of such multiple most of them other between a lot of pasta
it's ridiculous and that's using the doctor to doctor I don't accept a conference or anything
but the nurse it was okay to contain the appointment of the century the outlook that I thought
it would be one of the longest-running not
I want you to bribe
well doctor
I have a little that my arm
yes that's a little mad
hello do you have this condition
well since birth actually but in the last month or so it's been moving in furniture
and I thought it was time to see a doctor about it
what sort of tennessee
to resurrect intended first of the month on the dot very precise
he has been painful checks about that a not one of the bombs but insisting on cancer person's
the Washington area with a hard to judge itself going to be factory and sell the very conscientious
I have no complaints that all would you take off your clothes these I think I should tell
you doctor who's afraid of the dark states that night refrigerator door wide open
they don't like them
I'm going to take a look at just for a medical journal wait wait wait that's a camera
he doesn't like cameras he thinks the steel the sole if he were to wake up and have his
picture taken I don't know what do you do
we're not there
you have to do Bush said
well all right he wakes up I will answer for the consequences
that that's what's
I to doctor the flashes waking them up and as it happens the lights are opening why
it's that I
are the kinds of injuries
I mean I think not but never committee on the identity of high
doctor isn't it
you cannot lead
that's what we're here
I think the rest of the day off people argument all I whitewater
what's your handicap will have a vote and we are