The International 2012: V1lat (English subtitles)

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The International 2012, I’m with no Na`Vi player this time, but with the caster in a yellow shirt. Meet v1lat, people. Now, v1lat, you’ve commentated a whole bunch of matches today. How do you feel?
Today I’m feeling good. It wasn’t the case on day one though, because of some serious jetlag after the flight. It was also hard on the first day because there were a lot of games with our teams, something like 16 matches. So, by 2:00 a.m. I was so tired that I couldn’t talk and had a headache. It was really hard. Yesterday and today everything is just fine, I had 6 hours of sleep, came here at 8:00 a.m. (not 6:00 a.m.). It turned out I could do it everyday, but I somehow didn’t know it. So, first 3 games went OK, then it was Na`Vi’s match which proved to be extremely exciting. Three recent hours saw something unexplainable on the stage, so we just decided to turn the thing into having fun. That’s why I’m not tired now, but fresh and ready for the grand final.
You’ve been to the previous edition of The International. How would you compare these two?
It’s like comparing the Olympics’47 to the Olympics’12. Last time it was held during GamesCom which had only 1 of the total 9 halls dedicated to the event with 30m x 30m room space. Everything was clumsy with only one stage and no proper setup whatsoever. DotA itself was really raw at the moment. The delays between the matches were enormous. The game was lagging like crap, there were no pauses. Most heroes were absent, everything was under construction, slowing down the whole process. My stream wasn’t online, I’ve been casting for 5 days for myself. I mean I was casting those games, people recorded VoDs and then uploaded it to YouTube, so nobody heard it live. The first International for me personally was a big fail (couldn’t say the same about Na`Vi though). The teams seemed to like the event overall, more or less. I think VALVe have made their conclusions about that event and now what we see here is something really fantastic. During the third match between Na`Vi vs LGD we saw a creeping line on the big screen saying that GameFight,, and had in total 534k viewers on 3 languages (English, Russian, Chinese) which is a world record in history of eSports. No event had ever seen this number at any tournament. So, I think that VALVe are satisfied with these numbers. As for the players and casters, everyone is also satisfied with the high level of overall organization indeed.
What’s your opinion on that teams from the upper bracket met other teams from the lower bracket? Is there any advantage to be in the upper bracket if this is the case?
We’ve been discussing it this morning with IceFrog. I told him it wasn’t right when they were just planning it ahead. VALVe responded that the whole tournament would be excessively long anyway, plus the last would see the upper bracket final, the loser bracket final and the grand final. So that the winning team of the winner bracket would’ve had an advantage over the winner from the loser bracket in a sense that they would’ve had a rest. Take iG for an example. They have been already playing for 6 maps in DotA. They will have to play 5 more. It’s like 11 maps of DotA a day. It’s hard for even a pub-match because of the intense and exhausting pressure. Not to mention the one million dollar prize. So, in the end I support VALVe’s decision to alter the format. We had a different format at all our events, but this is VALVe’s desicion which I’m forced to agree with.
Let’s talk about Na`Vi who started off not so well in the group stage, but then broke through and gained their momentum. Before their games started, what could you highlight in their picks, movements, etc?
During preliminaries I’ve been casting a couple of their matches and seemed to me that they were playing a pub-like style. They’ve been taking so predictable default lines and making so stupid mistakes, that I thought about them being a totally different team at that point already. It’s the time when I was saying about how well the Chinese played, when LGD performed ideally in their group. These guys had like 5-6 own strategies while Na`Vi only showed some random stuff. After arriving here for the play-offs, the guys explained to me that Puppey had some health-issues - he was really tired on day one. He had some kind of stomacheache, so the first day went pretty bad for Na`Vi, while the second day saw them gaining confidence and momentum. On day three they defeated TongFu and broke through to the winner bracket. The things went even better after that, but in play-off Na`Vi guys one again proved they had some real tough spirit losing the first match, but then talking the problems out in the Green Room, deciding not to use any “Chinese” strategies while killing them with their own style which proved to be too strong for the Asian guys to counter. The Asians are used to play well against morph, anti-mage, naga siren and the bear. That’s it. They can take all those heroes in one match, fooling around for 45 minutes and then winning by killing more creeps. Simple. The Chinese have always been like this. Na`Vi in their turn decided not to fool around and take juggernaut, void, etc-etc. What else can I add if Pudge always gets banned? LGD banned juggernaut. So, they’re afraid. They don’t fully understand what’s happening when Na`Vi are laughing and dancing after losing 0:6 and picking some real trash (at first glance). That’s the way Na`Vi are. They play their own fun-like style and take the scene by surprise, confidently defeating Chinese guys. They will definitely win they final if they won’t be stuck with those “antimagy” strategies in their heads. If they don’t follow that default script they will grab that million easily.
LGD reminded me of a killing machine before the match versus Na`Vi when they were destroying everything on their way. Now, they got defeated by our guys, so they have been dropped to the lower bracket. You’ve been witnessing their games. Do you think the defeat from Na`Vi had some serious impact on them?
The thing is, LGD had lost to Na`Vi while using their best strategies which worked perfectly against everyone else during a half of a year, including the picks of naga sirena. tide and dark seer. It was like OMG. LGD seemed strong during the first match, but then faced with juggernaut got confused. Banning him for the third game they didn’t expect void, ha-ha. After being defeated two times by Na`Vi they just got lost. They realized that they weren’t unbeatable and lost their confidence. LGD, besides having Sylar’s farming, also have genius-like supports who can do some unreal pulls. This time me and casper were watching these guys, because we had nothing else to do, really. The support was going to the line, giving one lightning and then coming back to the base for healing. So, LGD played their further games really scared after being defeated by Na`Vi. They were probably thinking like: “OMG, this match costs $100k!” so iG just outrateclicked them and won the game. LGD used to be a killing machine before this morning, like the Germans at Euro-2012, when they met some random “luckers” who used juggernaut and void to rape them. GG, BB.
The International’s heading towards the end, so let’s talk about that StarLadder of yours. I heard that mTw have already hit the rail. Will there be any other changes in the nearest future? How about qualifiers?
The situation seems gloomy: many of the teams disband their rosters, such as CLG, Darer, mouz and M5. Even though they might not exactly disband, but still they’re changing their rosters pretty much. So, I’m talking about every European team except for Na`Vi. Maybe EG will keep their squad. Every other team just doesn’t exist anymore. We have without a roster, we also have zNation. On top of that we have some guys from the PRO-series. All these people will be present (I hope). There is one week left, so I don’t know what’s gonna happen in reality considering that many players will take a break after this tournament. I can’t even imagine right now how the whole process is going to be held, but I can tell for sure that the season promises to be really tough for us. The news has been good so far as we got decent sponsoring, more room space and additional prize pool. So, everything’s alright but it seems we will have nobody to participate, lol. I hope though that our community-managers will work something out with the teams. If the things don’t go well enough we will bring in some qualifiers. We will work with guys from PRO-series like coL who can’t break through and get into the StarSeries during 2 seasons in a row, ha-ha. All in all, I can’t precisely answer your question right now, but we’ll have to wait and see.
What about WCG in Ukraine? There is no qualifiers. Why so?
I don’t know, to be honest. I do however know about ESWC-qualifier starting pretty soon. I’ve been contacted before this tournament and was asked about the necessity of additional qualifier considering Na`Vi’s auto-invite. I told them that yes, we do need that qualifier as we have Darer, for an example. As for now, there’s no more Darer, so I’m not sure if we should do it, ha-ha. So, I can say only that there definitely will be ESWC-qualifiers which will be held in KievCyberArena. The exact dates are still to be decided. Talking about WCG, they should also be held in CyberArena as there have already been some preparations made. Maybe some online-qualifiers, but I don’t know the official titles yet. The problem is the teams. Don’t know if Dendi wants to go fight against the Asians with a mix. We’ll see.
Okay. You’re in the USA for your first time. So, how do you like it?
I’ve been met at the airport, driven to the hotel. And then I had been to the local supermarket. That’s all I’ve seen in the USA so far. A lot of experience, you know, ha-ha. Oh, I’ve seen the bridge! As for my visit to some local store, I didn’t like the cigarette prices. I did like the hotel though. So, I haven’t seen the USA yet, but will cover this tomorrow as I’ll have enough time for it. Moreover, I will fly to Hawaii next, so maybe there I will get to know a little bit more about America. As for now, can’t tell you really anything. Haven’t been really talking to anybody.
Can you highlight any team or player at this tournament besides Na’Vi?
Don’t know. Maybe coL, really liked their new style in the group stage. But they are probably lacking some LAN-experience to back up their game and not fall short at the middle of the marathon. Except for them, can’t really highlight anybody else. Maybe the only thing left to say as that I’ve really underestimated team Orange. I didn’t have any faith in them, but they proved to be able to perform well, and got in the money. Everything else went pretty predictable with Na’Vi and iG in the finals. So, nobody have impressed me that much.
- Alright. You were supposed to meet IceFrog. Have you seen him in reality? - Won’t tell you.
- I’m not asking you to describe him, ha-ha. Just have you seen him or not? - I’ve seen him.
Ok, whatever. Last shout-outs?
Thanks to everybody, especially VALVe for bringing us here. Thanks to those who’s been watching me these days. Now, I need to go cast the finals. Thank you everybody and I’m signing off.
- What was IceFrog’s real name you mentioned? - Uhm... yeah, I’m off and out. - Damn, ha-ha!