Public Speaking: Acting Warm Up Tips : Public Speaking Voice Warm Up

Uploaded by expertvillage on 03.07.2008

Now the next part of the warm-up is warming up our voice. And there are actually several
different components to warming up the voice and I want to briefly cover them. First we
have to work on the muscles of the face, and the throat, and the tongue. So you're going
to want to do exercises, maybe you're scrunching, you scrunch up your face, you release your
face, scrunch release. You're moving your tongue around, yawning is a wonderful way
to release the tension in your face. That's the first part of actually warming up the
voice. When you're doing that you want to make sure that you include the lips, and like
I mentioned before, the tongue. So you want to move your tongue all around, in and out,
in and out of your mouth, up and down, and the same thing with your lips. So, you want
to blow air through your lips. Maybe you chew, maybe you puff, whatever it is to warm up
your lips. Then we're going to actually add in some sounds to warm up our voice. You want
to work primarily with consonants, and perhaps you take an S sound or a Z sound and you hold
it and release like (Demo making sounds). You hold and release the consonants. And then
you want to take the consonants and repeat them quickly like (Demo making vocal sounds),
and you can go through all of the consonants that way. That's really good, that's a really
good way to warm up your mouth. Then, you might want to try tongue twisters. Tongue
twisters are very good. Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. Whatever the tongue
twisters are that you know, repeat those over and over four, five, six times. But make sure
that you do all of those components in your vocal warm up.