Mothers Day Gift Ideas : Mothers Day Gifts: Vases

Uploaded by expertvillage on 02.10.2008

The next project we're going to show you for Mother's Day, is some rub-ons that you can
use with little glass vases. Rub-ons are really hot right now, and here's one that I've done.
This is called an old olive color, and I've just rubbed it onto this cute little vase.
Here's some other things you can do. This is a votive holder. This one also has rub-ons.
Here's a little jar, this one also has rub-ons. I've just tied it with a ribbon. This would
be really cute with some cotton balls in it, if you used it in the bathroom. Q-tips, any
small little thing that you want to put. And here's a nice little mug, with some rub-ons.
So, let's get started. The first thing I'm going to do is, choose what I want to rub
on. So I'm going to go ahead and use this chocolate chip, and there's this really pretty
butterfly, so. Because it's in a little bit, I'm going to go ahead and cut it out. If it
was closer to the edge, I could just lift up the paper, and slide it in. And then you
just want to make sure that your glass is clean and dry. And, I've already done that.
So, I've taken my butterfly, and I'm just going to press it here. A couple things you
can do here. I just use kind of the heat from my hand, and kind of push it down. You could
also put a piece of tape there to hold it. The pack of the rub-ons come with this little
Popsicle stick. You can use that to rub, you could use your bone folder to rub. I like
to use my stylus. So, now that I have it in place. And I'm just going to turn it, and
hold it down flat, and I'm just going to go ahead and rub. And you're just going to rub,
and you'll see, as you're rubbing, that the color on your, what you're embossing, is going
to lighten, as it's applied to the glass. So you just keep rubbing, and rubbing, until
you see it lifting. And then you can go ahead and push with your thumb, and you can see,
I'll need a little bit more there. And then just go ahead and gradually lift it off. If
it's not ready to come, just give it another rub. Sometimes it takes a little time, but
just be patient. And then when you lift it off at the end, you will have a beautiful
butterfly rub-on to your glass vase. And when you come back, I'll show you what else you
can do with these.