Kodai Shoujo Dogu-chan ep 02 part 2 [D-Add].wmv

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These are some heavy jugs!
My back's really killing me!
You! You all brought this on yourselves!
Excuse me miss? I have a question, doki-o!
Have you seen Dogu-chan doki-ka?
The door's sealed
Ah, where?
I'll open it
I can't touch it doki... Please take it off doki!
Are you guys ghosts?
How rude!
Although, well, something like that...
It's a long story
Quick! Tear 'em off yo!
Ai, so gross!
This is repulsive!
Ah, we're out!
What's with those?
It's Munakata-sensei! She got the other teachers too... all of them!
I see
Caught the scent?
This way!
Right, let's go!
So... how about this look?
Men... I'll have my revenge on them...
Oh. and the Principal too! Such a sweetie...
We won't let you carry on!
We won't let you doki!
Youkai Identification!
You are the Big-Boobs Youkai
A Youkai born from the union of a queen bee
and the resentment of all the women who've been
harassed because of their generous busts doki!
I already heard the Clumsy Combo was back
This time I'll make you sleep for eternity!
But first ...
Shintaro! Oi! Shintaro! Be strong!
I'm floating!
Hmm? Now you just need to pop!
Let's go, Dokigoro!
Here it comes doki!
Dogu-chan is here!
Come and get it
Dogu-chan Sword!
Die, Dogu-chan!
Ready? Go!
Ah... again...
Nowadays, big breasts are some kind of a big deal
... but in the past busty women were looked down on
Those selfish men are unforgivable
Anyone who stands against me will die in the sky!
Doki-Doki Wave!
To lose against breasts...
Ah, my chest is full!
Don't die!
Mother, I don't want to die!
Whoa! What a relief!
Has all this made you reflect at all? Don't judge a woman by her bust
I'll take that to heart
I finally got to Egypt, but I'm empty-handed
It'll be quite some time before I can present the discovery of the century
Please apologize to Dokigoro
When it comes to archeology, I get all irrational
It's your old man's bad habit
So... how was it? Going to school after all this time...
I see
These acorns are yummy!
What are you doing?
I'm sewing the burst seams
Looks like a whole lot of work
Well whose fault do you think it is?
I'm sleepy
You're in the way
What are you up to doki?!
You tried to grope her!
Dogu-chan, big trouble!
Emergency doki!
Makoto was going to touch your breasts!
Shut up!
Hmm... they ended up in an accidental romantic position, doki-ne?