How to add videos and links to posts on Google Plus

Uploaded by MartinShervington on 08.12.2012

This is Martin Shervington, and I want to show you a few more features
on your Google Plus profile.
As you can see here, there's a few icons.
If I hover over them, you see there's ‘add photos’.
If I click this, it's another way I can add in photos as well as just
dragging and dropping them into this box here.
Next to it,
we have ‘upload video’ and ‘upload
a YouTube video’, which I'm going to just show you
very quickly there so we can
search in YouTube. And if I look for, for instance, ‘Ripple Rank’
and ‘search’,
I can see one of my videos there and I can add that in. Just to show you
how to add it in,
you click
on the video that you want to select and you simply press ‘add video’.
And it appears.
Next I can ‘start an event’.
An event, you can invite people
who you think could be interested.
And uh...
it's a great way of uh... bringing people together
There's that. And then the next one is you can ‘add a link’.
Now there's two ways to add a link. If I just drop
a link in here, you'll see that this is from my circle ...
That's one way is just to drop into the bar.
But there's another way. If I just drop the link
into here, it will also appear.
So that's another way of doing it.
Whilst we're on this page, you see that we have a ‘three’ up here. This is your ‘notifications’.
So what you find when I click this one.
This is where when you get plus ones and comments and shares, this is where it all
shows up.
And it's called your notifications.
if I click one of these notifications it takes me into
what is effectively a post.
And as you see can see here, Linda Dee has left me a message saying I love
So I would like to know a little more about Linda Dee. So I'm going to hover over
her name there. And you see this board comes up.
And I see she's in New York. And I can add her in as well.
So this happens, as soon as I hover in over the name,
it gives me this option.
So I'm gonna add her in, and as it happens she's a friend of mine. So I'm gonna
go ‘friend’.
And also I'm glad to create a new circle.
Because she's in New York
and I have friends in New York
I may well like to put more of them in that circle in the future. So I'm going to put ‘New
York’. And then I'm going to press ‘create’.
And she'll be in that one as well.
So I'm going to plus
the comment so she knows I read it and I liked it.
And I'm going to reply to her. And I start typing her name and
you see the box appears. So I'm going to click on it
and say “Great!
see you on Sunday.'”
And smiley face. And I press ‘post comment’.
And she will receive a notification
that I have left her a message.
It's also really useful to know that once you've made a comment, you can go back
and you can edit it.
I do this by pressing on the ‘edit’ button.
And as you see I can then
type into this box.
And I can add 'I love
Commoogling too.'
And then
I could save the changes.
I do that back. And you see it's changed.
If I want to edit it again,
I can go in
and let me just show you how
if I want to add in somebody else's name.
So if I add in a little space
and then put in the plus sign,
I will be able to type.
And for instance, I could add in Larry Fournillier.
And I say,
“would like to know
about this.”
And potentially
I could then
put Linda back at the bottom.
Now it's very important to put ‘plus’
and then the person's name, you have the options about it add them in.
If you however
plus and then a gap and then start to type the person's name, watch what happens
when I save the changes.
You see?
It doesn't actually come up
with that hyperlink.
So that person won't get a notification. So to do that,
I need to
type the person's name.
And as you can see, it's turned blue.
And then I can save the changes. And if I want to delete that message totally, I can just go to the ‘delete
and it will disappear.
Most of all notifications it may be handy for you to know as well that if you click here
where it says view all notifications
it will take you to a page where all your notifications are. All the people who have
added you in, all the people who have sent you messages, and so on and so on.
So that's a very useful page because sometimes you may find that dropdown box
isn't quite large enough
to show all of the ones that you've been notified on.
Finally, I'd like to show you if I send this post out now -
and you see I've used the ‘asterisks’ to make it ‘bold’. I'm ‘underlining’. Oh I
missed the underline there. So that's a useful reminder.
But I also had a ‘strikethrough’.
When I send this out, I'm going to
do something. Now you can see that it's all come up well on the formatting.
Even after the post has gone out
I can still edit it. So if I click on this drop down options menu, I go to
‘edit this post’.
Click that.
And I can go in, for instance, remove the strikethrough on the very.
And the word ‘very’. Save that.
And it's disappeared. And we are away.
I would like to show you how to find the link for this post. Now there's a couple of ways. The first
one is on I scroll down. And I can press link this post. And I can copy and paste that and I can send it
to somebody.
Press ‘okay’ to get rid of that. I can also press on the date stamp here. If I click that
it will take me to the link. And it will be exactly the same link as if I had shared
with somebody.
You can also share the post by clicking the ‘share this post button’.
So I hope you found that useful. My name's Martin Shervington. And
subscribe to my YouTube channel
for many more hints and tips on Google Plus. And... look forward to engaging
with you soon.