HetaHazard 11 [ENG subs]

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Guuuys, I brought Japan and England back!
Rìběn! I'm glad you're okay!
Likewise, China...
England, Japan. I'm glad to see you're all right.
You both look awful, though. Are you really all right? Though England's hair has always been messy like that.
What did you say, you bearded bastard?! It's not that messy!
Even in the situation we're in, you guys are still the same.
Bloody hell... Anyway, how is Italy's brother doing?
Thanks to the first-aid treatment you gave him, he's fine, for now.
For now?
He's lost a lot of blood. I'm a little worried...
If he needs a blood transfusion, we'll have to look for Italy.
Don't worry; he doesn't need a blood transfusion. It's just that his body temperature is low, so we need to move him somewhere warm.
Um... What do you mean, look for Italy? Wasn't he with you?
Huh? Didn't Prussia tell you?
He said he had run into you guys, but he didn't go into details.
Where did Prussia go, anyway?
You don't know?
He was supposed to watch Romano, Hong Kong, and Germany while England and I were gone...
When we got here, there were only these three who are passed out...
Maybe you just missed him? Or maybe he's loitering around somewhere...
I don't think he would just leave the injured here!
Then why isn't he here?
Hold on there! It's no use arguing here.
Yeah! Let's move somewhere safer. You guys must be tired, right?
You're right... I'm sorry for losing my composure.
Měiguó is right. These guys won't get any better if they stay here.
Is there really such a thing as a safe place? If any more of those strange creatures show up, I'm going to cry.
A place with no enemies inside, where they can't get in from the outside, would be safe.
The ceiling is blocked, so they can't come from above.
Rooms with exhaust ports or plumbing from which the enemy can get in are dangerous.
So, I suppose the safest place is the cafeteria? The door leading to the corridor was locked, too.
If there's a cafeteria, does that mean there's also a kitchen? It sounds like a good place to wait in.
Okay, then let's move to the kitchen.
Hey, America, did Prussia give you the ID card?
Of course, it's right here with me!
How are we going to take the injured there? We have to be careful with them.
That'll be tricky... We should carry them as gently as possible.
Let's see, how to carry them safely and as gently as possible...
Oh! We could use those things!
What things, Japan?
We could use those three hand trucks in the freight elevator.
Hand trucks? Well, they're definitely stable and would make it easier to carry them.
If that's settled, then let's move them at once!
So this is the cafeteria? It's cleaner than I thought.
Thank God there are no blood stains here.
We don't have to worry about the enemy suddenly attacking us anymore.
I'm hungry! Can I eat the food we brought, now?
Before that, we have to get some beds where we can lay down those who are injured.
Aww, do I have to?!
Of course you do! You're the strongest one here.
Fine. But after I get the beds, you will let me eat.
I think there were some beds in the server room.
Then let's go to the server room. Come on, America.
I know it's only right next door, but do be careful.
We'll be right back.
Well, then, I'll clean the kitchen and prepare the food.
I can help you with the food, Japan.
Thank you. I really appreciate it.
I'm going to rearrange this place. We need a separate place for the wounded.
I'll help you, China.
What about your arm?
I think it'll be fine, as long as I don't carry anything too heavy.
All right, then. Thanks.
Move all the chairs close to the wall.
All right.
Phew, these are heavy!
America! Why are you carrying them all by yourself?!
Because it's quicker than if you tried to help.
You little... Don't you have any spirit of cooperation?
Keep it down, guys. Don't make a racket around the wounded.
Welcome back. Thank you for bringing the beds.
No problem.
Where are Japan and the bearded bastard?
They're in the kitchen, preparing the food.
Really?! Food! Food!
I said, don't make a racket!
Food! Food! Burgers!
A-America, calm down!
The bread is ready! It looks like the oven works perfectly.
That's good, since you Europeans and Americans prefer bread to rice.
We do like rice, too, though. Sometimes it's nice to have some variety.
(I... just noticed him... Should I greet him, or should I ignore him? But if I ignore him now, I'll feel guilty...)
What's the matter, Japan?
*whispering* (Um, behind you--)
Behind me?
Hey! Why are you just standing there silently?!
Shut up! I was just about to talk to you.
Well, what do you want?
Aren't you cooking? I'll help--
Um, no, no, it's fine, you don't have to!
But you have to cook for America, too, and that's a lot of work for just the two of you.
Do you want to kill us?!
Excuse me? What's that supposed to mean?!
Aaaargh! Not in the face!
Please, both of you! Calm down! It would be dangerous to fight here!
England, you can make the hamburgers.
Wait a minute, Japan! Just because America has built up a resistance to it doesn't mean we should--
*whispering* (Don't worry. The ingredients are pre-made and all he has to do is heat them up.)
*whispering* (I see. Then he won't need to actually cook anything. That's reassuring.)
Okay, England, you can make America's hamburgers.
Why didn't you say so before? I'll do it.
Thank you.
Did you only find two beds?
In the room next door, yeah. I think there are more in the other room, though.
There were several beds in that first room.
There were data and medicine, too. I'll go get them while we're at it.
America, come with me.
Aww, not again! Man...
Then I'll come--
You stay here and watch the patients.
If anything comes up, call England and the others.
... All right.
Let's go, then.
I'm not useful at all... Kumakichi...
Ack! Who!
Veh! You startled me!
What's wrong, Kuma?
Oh, it was just a dream.
Did you have a nightmare?
I dreamed that some guy I don't know was calling out my name.
Hmm, what a strange dream.
Is something wrong, Italy?
I can see a faint light ahead.
What?! A light?
You're right. We're finally here.
Yay! Now we're saved!
*munch, munch* CalorieMate is just delicious.
We're finally here! Now we can help the others.
I have a really bad feeling about this...
Huh? A bad feeling?
Maybe I'm just thinking too much. Still, don't lower your guard.
You mean it's not safe here, either?
Don't worry, Italy. I'll protect you and Kuma.
*munch, munch* What are you talking about? I'll fight, too. *munch, munch*
Russia... Kumajirou...
I'll fight, too! I can't be the only one who has to be protected!
Even though I'm scared, I'll do my best! Come on, let's go!
I'll do my best, too.
Okay, we'll all do our best.
Obtained First-Aid Spray.
A pale blue flame is burning.
A pale blue flame is burning.
[Japanese Scones]
[Recovery Capsule]
[Disinfectant Spray]
[Skull-Shaped Key] A key that was in the laboratory.
[Continuous Attack]
[Polar Bear Effect] You can't get polar bears out of your head.
[Claws] Sharp and solid.
[Fur] It's very thick and keeps him warm.
[Fur] In the light, it looks like it's shining.
It's locked. There's a skull shape above the keyhole. Do you think that means anything?
Key... skull shape...
Maybe the skull-shaped key can open it.
Oh, it opened.
We don't know what we're going to find here. Be careful, both of you.
Veeeeh! There's... there's something there!
Those must be the zombies!
Th-they're coming this way!
Let's just kill them!
Zombies have appeared!
Do they really think they can beat me~?
Russia is back to his usual self.
He's scary either way... Oh, Germany, Japan...
Flag-Waving Cheer
Polar Bear Effect
Continuous Attack
Continuous Attack
Continuous Attack
Continuous Attack
Continuous Attack
Continuous Attack
Continuous Attack
Italy's party wins! Gained 87 EXP!
Obtained Disinfectant Spray! Obtained Disinfectant Spray!
Italy is now Level 3!
Russia is now Level 2!
Kumajirou is now Level 3!
I think the zombies inside the cells have noticed us, too.
Veh! There are so many!
They're too many.
Even though they're small fry, there are so many of them that this could take us a while. Let's just go ahead.
You're really scary, too, Russia!
I'm not scary at all~ Uhuhuh!
Romano isn't picking up his phone. I wonder what's up.
Oh, that sounds nice. I guess he's done tuning the piano.
It doesn't look like he's going to help me harvest the tomatoes. I should probably stop taking mail orders for a while.
Thanks for tuning the piano.
It wasn't as bad as I thought.
Anyway, have you got any calls from Romano yet?
No. I've tried calling him, too, but he never answered.
I see... I wonder what is going on.
Oh, no!
What is the matter?
Maybe something is really wrong! I can't just stay here and patiently wait!
Spain? What are you doing?
Getting ready to leave.
Leave? Where are you going?
To America's place. If I can't get in touch with them, I have no choice but to go there, right?
I know how you feel, but don't you think it might be dangerous?
If there's any danger, it's all the more reason for me to go.
Really, what am I going to do with you...?
Very well. Go.
I would like to come with you, but someone has to stay here and wait.
I will stay here and wait by the telephone. Call me if anything comes up.
Thanks. That's nice of you.
Oh, and you don't have to call any other nations. I don't want to make this worse by involving anyone else.
Very well. But if you need assistance, do not hesitate to call me.
Well, I'm leaving now.
All right, take care. And please give Germany and the others my regards.
Romano, Ita, please be okay. Boss Spain is coming.