MV Suez: Indians thank Pakistan for help

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I always wanted to go to Lahore and today I'm here
I'm in Lahore
Overwhelmed with happiness and shouting "Pakistan Zindabad," this is Indian citizen Simpa Arya
Pakistan helped in rescuing her husband Ravinder Kumar from Somali pirates
This other woman is Madhu Sharma
Her husband too was a captive of the Somali pirates for many months
These two ladies have come to Pakistan to thank the government for their assistance in securing safe return of their husbands
SIMPA ARYA: Everyone strives for life
And I believe if someone helps you save your life, then that person is just like god.
MADHU SHARMA: Pakistani government helped us a lot
We faced many difficulties for one whole year
There is no authority we haven't asked for help from
But no one is as humanitarian as Ansar Burney
Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul Ebad, Ansar Burney Trust along with Pakistani civil society
paid millions of dollars to the Somali pirates for the release of MV Suez crew members
The crew included four Pakistanis and six Indians including Ravinder Kumar and MK Sharma
ANSAR BURNEY: We are proving that Pakistan saves lives
Some bad people have been sent to us for terrorist activities,
but people residing in Pakistan believe in saving lives
These Indian guests also thanked Express News for playing an important role throughout the rescue process
They visited Express News office
Simpa Arya and Madhu Sharma will also meet Governor Ishratul Ebad during their four-day visit to Pakistan
The Indian citizens said they have come to Pakistan to show their respect for the country and thank the officials
Because of whom their husbands were freed from the pirates' captivity