How to Make a Kawaii Rice Cooker Plushie

Uploaded by TammyHallam on 31.08.2012

Hey guys here's what we're going to be making today - it is this little rice cooker plush.
And today's tutorial is actually a one day collab tutorial
so what that means is that a lot of us plushie makers have got together and we're all
doing the same thing
So... We're not making the same plushie, what we have to do is
everybody in the collab (All their names are written here)
we all have to make one plushie which is inspired by a charm that we really liked
so the charm that I chose to base my plushie on, was this little rice cooker charm
by xoxRufus
So yeah I just thought it was a really super cute charm and I liked how she made it open up
So I thought I would make mine open up also
And... Yes! This is quite easy to make actually, it;s not really that difficult
if you've made a couple of my tutorials
so I'm just gunna get started by saying the things that you will need.
For this tutorial you will need felt in the colours black, white, red and green.
You will also need the same colours in thread...
The template which you can download in the video description
Fabric scissors, a sewing needle
and some stuffing.
First we're going to cut out the pieces
Lay all of your your templates onto your white felt like this
and then use a coloured pencil to trace around the shapes
remember that we need to cut out two of this piece, three of this piece and two of this piece

now cut out all of your pieces and you should end up with something like this
as you can see I've actually used this
glittery fabric to cut out these three pieces
but if you don't have a fabric like this that's fine, you can just use
white, I just thought
it would be fun to add a bit of sparkle
but yes after you've cut out all of these pieces what you need to do is
take your small circle template
and place it in the centre of one of your large circles
and using your coloured pencil again just trace around the shape and cut it out
make it easier to cut out the middle section simply fold your circle in half like this

finally cut out two circles from black felt
and these are going to be for your eyes. Now it's time to start sewing
Thread your needle with black thread
And use a fell stitch to attach these eye pieces onto your base piece
So I actually decided to use safety eyes for this plush, so I'm going to really quickly show you guys how they
basically you get these two little parts like this
you get this part and also this part
and to put them in the plushie you just need to cut a tiny little hole as you can
see here
and then you insert the black part
which is the actual eye, into the hole
And this piece just goes on the back
like this. You normally have to press it down pretty hard for it to click into place
Tadaa~ And then your safety eyes are complete
Once the eyes are complate
You can use black thread and a backstitch to sew on a little mouth
and your red thread to sew on some vertical lines for the cheeks
now once you've done that, take these two handle pieces
and place them on wither side of the face
then using white thread and a fell stitch we're just going to sew a couple
stitches along
each of these edges on the top of the handle
now take this piece and place it right underneath the face
and again use a fell stitch to attach this to your base piece
here is what that looks like
and now taking your red and green felt just cut out two little circle pieces like this

and then again we're just going to use a fell stitch to attach these pieces
onto this piece
once you've done that, we're going to place the two edges of this rectangle
and sew along here using a fell stitch to attach this in place
here's what that looks like
and then to make the bottom piece you just need to flip this over
and take the circle we cut earlier
then use a blanket stitch to stitch all the way around this edge to secure that in place
once you've done that we're going to make the inside section
so take your smaller circle and this rectangular piece
and again use a blanket stitch just like before
to attach these two pieces together
sew up this edge to close the gap
and what we're going to do next is we're going to take this piece (the one with the hole in it)
and place it on top of the piece that you've just made
then using a blanket stitch again, we're going to sew all the way around this inner circle

to attach them together
once you've done that you should get something that looks a little bit like a magicians hat
But once we've done that we're just going to move on and make the lid to go on top
so take these three pieces that we cut earlier
and what we're going to do is we're going to place two of them back-to-back
and then use a blanket stitch to sew up just one of these sides up until you reach this point

once you've done that open this piece up
then take your other piece and place it here
and then we're just going to sew along these two edges with a blanket stitch
finally sew up the two remaining edges and you should get something like this
now flip this piece inside out and cut off the excess at the corners
so that it's circular
and then we're going to take out final circle piece and you can see that I've cut
two little pieces of ribbon
don't worry you can use felt if you don't have any ribbon
but what i'm going to d is use my white thread and just a couple stitches
to secure these two pieces onto this circular piece. Once those ribbon pieces
are secure you can place this piece on top
trying to make sure that this line is in-between the two ribbons

and then we're just going to use the blancket stitch again to attach this piece
onto your base piece
before you sew all the way around don't forget to add some stuffing
and then sew up the gap
Okay so now that the li piece is complete we're just going to attach it onto
this body piece
and to do that and risking to place it on top
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